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How to knit a crop sweater

Today's project was conceived with the specific aim of showcasing the beauty of a specific variant of our Piuma yarn; the colour Confetti. It's a printed yarn with a white background and streakes of pink, yellow, and blue to which can be associated an articulated, but at the same time clearly visible stitch amongst the sea of colours that Confetti possesses.

The result is a perfect crop sweater to wear on a gloomy day. A stroll outside in the sun will highlight the beauty of it!

Shall we?

Tutorial: how to knit a crop sweater

Yarn Piuma col. Confetti 500 g / 17.6 oz
Knitting needles n° 6 EU / 10 US
Knitting needles n° 8 EU / 11 US

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10 cm x 10 cm / 4" x 4"
10 stitches x 14 rounds

Rib 1/1:
knit 1 and purl 1.
On the next row knit 1 over knit and purl 1 over purl.
Fantsasy chess stitch:
row 1 and all odd rows: purl all
row 2: 2 edge stitches, *purl 2 and knit 4*, repeat from * to * for the entire row
row 4: repeat the second row
row 6: 2 edge stitches, knit 1, *purl 2, knit 4*, repeat from * to * for the entire row
row 8: repeat the six row
row 10: start again from the second row.




How to knit the front of the crop sweater

Cast on 58 stitches on 6 EU / 10 US needles and work 1/1 rib for 5 cm / 2".

Change needles and continue with needles n° 8 EU / 11 US and perform the patterned stitch.

Work until you have 40 cm / 15.8", at this point work the neckline by binding off the central 14 stitches.

Work the two parts separately and decrease 1 stitch on each side 2 more times.

Continue up to 56 cm / 22".

Sew the stitches.

How to knit the back of the crop sweater

knit as done so for the front.

The neckline will not be done on the back. At 46 cm / 18.1" total height bind off all stitches.

How to knit the sleaves of the crop sweater

Using needles n° 6 EU / 10 US cast on 32 stitches and knit rib 1/1 for 8 cm / 3.1"

Change needles and effectuate 15 increases during the first row.

Knit fantsasy stitch.

Every 4 rows increase one stitch on each part, 5 times.

At a total height of 56 cm / 22" close all stitches.

The sleeves are done in 1/1 rib.

Assembling the knitted crop sweater

Sew the shoulders.

Using needles n° 6 EU / 10 US pick up 60 stitches for the edge of the neckline and knit 1/1 rib for 6 cm / 2.4".

Close all stitches.

Close the sides ensuring to leave an opening of 21 cm / 8.3" to insert the shoulders.

If you liked knitting the crop sweater and would like to practice some more, we suggest also reading how to make a cardigan with geometric motifs.