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Nuno felting video tutorial with Gaia Girard

We have long played with the idea of a video tutorial about nuno felting, that's why we have started a collaboration with Gaia Girard.

The tutorial will guide you in the discovery of the basic techniques, you'll be introduced to the necessary materials: fabrics, silk, gauze, merino wool etc.

Each portion will be analyzed and explained step by step, motivating the choices and the most common mistakes.

Towards the end of the video our host will show you the fabrics available through our store as well as new arrivals, explaining the preferable use: garments, home decor or accessories.

140 cm wide Silk Chiffon 3.5 - Raw Colors
Natural White
1 m € 11,30
2 m € 22,14
5 m € 53,66
140 cm wide Silk Pongee 05 - Raw Color
Natural White
1 m € 13,38
2 m € 26,23
5 m € 63,56
145 cm wide Wool Etamine - Raw Colors
Raw White
1 m € 25,74
2 m € 49,36
5 m € 119,43
165 cm wide Wool Gauze - Raw Colors
Raw White
1 m € 26,74
2 m € 52,41
5 m € 127,00

Gaia Girard will also show you the 3D nuno felting, highlighting the similarities with the flat nuno felting.

Have fun with nuno felting!

TIPS & TRICKS a perfect nuno felting - useful tips for the correct execution of nuno felting techniques by Gaia Girard.

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