ZoŽ Williams

from Annalisa Chelli - 05/09/2016

Annalisa Chelli

ZoŽ Williams is a fiber artist who specializes in needle-felting. She was born in New Orleans and currently lives in New York. It seems that the word Ďnewí is recurring in ZoŽís life, and I believe that also her signature style is characterized by the concept of Ďnewí.

Her Animals/Oracles are delightfully unusual: little creatures halfway between reality and imagination, with human-like yet otherworldly shapes. Indeed, ZoŽ says her work come from her dreams, of her prolific subconscious. Personally, I feel there is a deep connection between ZoŽ and her little animals, a connection that is evident also in ZoŽís own appearance, with her original and dreamy style.

For us,†ZoŽ has made Guinea Pig Totem I,Guinea Pig Totem IIand†Guinea Pig Totem †III. Three little, funny clairvoyants/spirits of creativity who could be useful for anybody who would like to find out about their own Destiny!

ZoŽís Oracles are also part of our DHG for Meyer Children Hospital Charity Project. They will be sold for charity, and the proceedings will be donated to the cancer ward of theMeyer Children Hospital in Florence. You can find the artistís works for sale ondhgshop.

To find out more about ZoŽ, readthe interview on our.