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150 cm wide 70% Eucalyptus 30% Wool Twill - Raw Colors

70% Eucalyptus 30% Wool Twill.
Composition: 70% lyocell (eucalyptus) – 30% wool.
Weight: 180g/m.
Width: about 150cm.

Our twill is produced in Italy, selected and checked to ensure constant quality over time.

Available in packs of 1m, 2m, 5m. The quantities inside these packs are sent as one single piece.

It’s perfect for nuno felting, batik, eco printing and sartorial projects in general.

Do you want to check the quality of the material? Buy our Quality Reference.

Raw Colors

Natural White
1 m € 20,58
2 m € 40,38
5 m € 97,73