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TEMPORARY - 2 cm wool felt balls

Wool felt balls (about 27 microns) handmade in Nepal.
Each ball is about 2 cm / 0.8"

As they are entirely handmade, the shape and sizes of each ball could vary slightly from one piece to another. Each piece is therefore unique and unquestionably handcrafted. Unlike other products on the market, these felt balls arrive to us raw so we are able to dye them ourselves in our dyeing house making sure they are in line with Oeko-Tex standards, just like all of our fibers, and at the same time offering you the DHG colours that you love so much.

These wool felt balls potentially have a thousand different uses: jewellery, bags, carpets, curtains and household items. What are you waiting for? Start experimenting now!

ATTENTION: we offer theese colors at a higly discounted price because during the dyeing process there was a small mishap: the balls were compressed and as a result lost their spherical shape. Now they look just like stones, perfect for Flintstones style pieces!