TEMPORARY - Corriedale Wool Tops - Classic collection

Corriedale Wool (about 27 microns) tops (combed ribbon)
Ribbon weight: about 23 g/m - 0.81 oz/yd
Ribbon length: about 4 m - 4 yd per 100 g - 3.5 oz
Origin: New Zealand.
The quantities inside the packs are sent as one continuous piece.

Corriedale is a truly all-purpose wool that is suitable for all kinds of projects.

Its ribbon is smooth and flat, the fibre is quite long (78/80mm) and it’s pleasant to the touch. It felts and spins easily.

Like that’s not enough. it’s competitively priced compared to other wools.

With all these reasons it’s definitely worth trying it out and making it your evergreen.

Want another idea? When combined with merino wool it’s sensational! The best of two wools in one product!

Create your blend with Mixology.

Blackberry: we are offering this item at a special price as the colour isn’t in line with our standards.