TEMPORARY - Rio Gallegos Wool Tops

Rio Gallegos wool tops (combed sliver). About 26 microns.
Tops weight: about 23g/m.
Tops length: about 4 metres per 100g.
The quantities inside our packs will be sent as one continuous piece.

We bought this wool a while ago for a gorgeous weaving project. It’s a type of wool that we don’t have in the collection but honestly speaking, it’s one that we love. Even though it’s 26 microns it still feels nice and it’s competitively priced.

We’ve decided to sell the colours we’ve got left in the warehouse at a bargain price. Here they are! While stocks last.

Our rio gallegos wool tops is perfect for both needle and wet felting, spinning and hand weaving.

Please note: in some cases, the colours are the same as the ones in our official collection but may be slightly out compared to our standard.