Mongolian Cashmere Waste

Mongolian cashmere waste (about 13 microns).
Each pack contains 500 g / 17.6 oz of cashmere in an assortment of colours (minimum 2).

Cashmere is the King of animal fibres. Soft, warm and super refined. The only downside is the cost! However, thanks to our assorted packs you can now get it at an affordable price. What’s more, as well as saving money you’re helping the environment! As a matter of fact, the packs contain material remnants from our production that, if they don’t end up in capable hands willing to give it another chance at life, they would otherwise be thrown away.

Why throw such a nice material away that can still be used in hundreds of different ways? Being sustainable starts with exactly these kind of choices.
What are you waiting for?

Our cashmere remnants are perfect for both needle and wet felting, spinning and hand weaving.

Mongolian Cashmere Waste

Assorted Colours
500 g
€ 31,57