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Firestar Nylon tops - Raw Colors

Firestar Nylon Tops (combed ribbon).
Ribbon weight: about 20 g/m - 0.7 oz/yd
Ribbon length: about 5 m - 4 yd per 100 g – 5.5 oz
The quantities inside the packs will be sent as one continuous piece.

The Firestar Nylon fibre is exactly what you need to add a shimmery touch to your creations.

You only need a few grams to get an amazing glow effect, which is good, because don’t forget that nylon is quite harmful to the environment and very difficult to recycle.

Use it but don’t overdo it!

Our Firestar Nylon tops is perfect for felting, both needle and wet, spinning and hand weaving. And remember to use it to create your blends with the Mixology service. It’s a sure thing!

Firestar Nylon tops - Raw Colors

Natural White
100 g € 2,11
500 g € 9,54
1 kg € 18,35