TEMPORARY - Carded Bergschaf Wool - Raw Colors

Carded bergschaf wool (33 micron).

Our carded bergschaf wool comes from Austria and it is carefully selected to ensure constant quality over time. The dyeing complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and is done in our dyeinghouse which is GOTS 5.0 and GRS certified.
*** This wool is washed before carding. Yet vegetal matters cannot be completely removed.

This blend is perfect for both needle and wet felting and spinning.

Natural White: we are offering this item at a special price as the colour isn’t in line with our standards.

TEMPORARY - Carded Bergschaf Wool - Raw Colors

Natural White
100 g € 1,72
€ 1,92
500 g € 6,63
€ 7,37