DHG isn’t taking any time off, so orders will be processed regularly.

On the contrary, our dyeinghouse will be closed until August 26, so Mixology and the Color Lab productions will resume from the end of the month.

TEMPORARY - Chiffon 6 Silk Ribbon, 10 cm wide - 5 m

Made with our featherlight, elegant and pure silk chiffon 6. 
*** The slanted cut guarantees high quality, as it prevents the tape from unravelling easily. As a result, there may be joints in the ribbon which should not be considered defects, but rather a necessary aspect in order to achieve a continuous ribbon. In each 20-meter roll, there is always about 10% of extra material, intentionally added to compensate for the waste resulting from the slanted joints, and because occasionally the part of material in direct contact with the cardboard core tends to not be uniform.

Our silk chiffon ribbon is easy to use: it can be cut, sewn, glued. It is perfect to decorate garments, to create fashion accessories, interior design items and sensational packaging.