Rose fiber tops (sliver) - Natural White

Tops (combed sliver) made from rose fibre.
Tops weight: about 23 g/m - 0.81 oz/yd
Tops length: about 4 m - 4.3 yd per 100 g - 3.5 oz
The quantities inside our packs will be sent as one continuous piece.

Rose fibre is derived from its namesake, the rose plant, and is made using the same production process as viscose.
This intriguing fibre is delicate and its appearance luminous, so much so that it could be considered an excellent vegan alternative to silk. It’s also much cheaper too!

Processed on its own or blended with other fibres, it always lives up to all expectations.

It is perfect for both needle and water felting, for hand spinning and weaving.

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