DHG isn’t taking any time off, so orders will be processed regularly.

On the contrary, our dyeinghouse will be closed until August 26, so Mixology and the Color Lab productions will resume from the end of the month.

Silk Hankies - The Classics Collection

Silk fiber. Size: about 25x25 cm.

Our hankies come from China and are carefully selected to ensure constant quality over time. The dyeing complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and is done in our dyeinghouse which is GOTS 5.0 and GRS certified.

They are perfect for felting, both wet and dry, and hand spinning.

During the dyeing process, the Mulberry Silk Hankies don’t always absorb the colour evenly. This is why hankies that have been dyed may have a slightly different shade of colour in some areas.

These variations tend to tone down or even disappear while it’s being worked; therefore they aren’t to be considered defects.

Since colours can vary depending on your device’s monitor settings, we recommend buying our Colour Chart so that you can check the colours with you own eyes before proceeding with the final order. Do you want to check the quality of the material? Buy our Sample Box.