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Superwash Fluffy - 50 g

Composition: 75% kid mohair – 25% silk
Length: approx 400 metres per 50 g / approx 437 yards per 1.76 oz

Fluffy is extra EXTRA soft: what’s more, it’s made with a unique blend of mohair and silk. The shininess and softness, as everyone knows, are an unmatchable duo. If that’s still not enough we’ve got one better: Fluffy is available Superwash treated too. For hand dyeing that will provide the inspiration for your creativity!

Remember, it’s not only super easy to work with but it has a high yield too: just one 50 g / 1.76 oz ball is all you need to make a hat or a cowl.

Superwash Fluffy - 50 g

Natural White
1 pc. € 13,24