Piuma XL - 200 g - The Classics Collection

Composition: 100% extra fine merino wool
Length: about 100 metres per 200 g / 109 yards per 7 oz

What could be better than Piuma? Piuma XL.
This super bulky version of our best seller will enchant you!

Made with our extra fine merino wool tops it’s slightly more twisted than the classic Piuma one, that’s to ensure strength but at the same time intensified volume.

Super easy to work with, both knitted and crocheted, when it’s worked this yarn tends to puff up even more and get chunkier.
Like all that isn’t enough, the dyes are Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified and is done in our dyeinghouse which is GOTS (updated to the last version) and GRS certified. The wool fiber that’s used is mulesing-free. As real beauty is large and sustainable.

An extra tip: the pure wool rovings may close slightly (don’t get felted!) with the first few washes. If you’re going to work Piuma XL with really big needles or do openwork, or anyway quite open stitches, keep this in mind and remember to change the needles and measurements accordingly. You might find it useful to make a sample of the stitch and wash it before doing the actual project.