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On the contrary, our dyeinghouse will be closed until August 26, so Mixology and the Color Lab productions will resume from the end of the month.

TEMPORARY - Hokusai - 100 g - The Classics Collection

Composition: 26% Alpaca – 4% Merino Wool – 70% Viscose
Length: about 220 metres for 100 g / 240 yards for 3.5 oz

Hokusai is a unique yarn as it manages to combine the softness of alpaca and wool with the shine of the viscose for a guaranteed fancy effect!

Perfect for warm, soft and cosy pieces but at the same time smart and ultra-feminine. It’s worth trying it out again and again!

You can find the Hokusai on offer because these colours have been yarn dyed and the results are not what you would expect.
In fact, this process has slightly altered the colour and the yarn has lost some of its volume.

Nevertheless, in our opinion, it remains a beautiful yarn. Furthermore, when the yarn is worked it tends to expand again and come back to life. We have therefore decided to recommend it. obviously at a special price!
It’s definitely worth it.