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On the contrary, our dyeinghouse will be closed until August 26, so Mixology and the Color Lab productions will resume from the end of the month.

Barranca - 100 g

Composition: 26% Alpaca – 22% Polyamide - 34% Acrylic – 12% Merino Wool
Length: about 220 metres for 100 g / 240 yards for 3.5 oz

Barranca is a minimalistic yarn, simple and clean in appearance but with a big personality. Whilst being worked it comes alive and gains body. The resulting irregular and material textures are reminiscent of artisanal yarns.

Why is it a part of the DHG REHAB selection? Because it has been discontinued and what you find is the remaining available stock. A shame to throw them away, so we continue to use them up to the last ball of yarn.