7,50 € TEMPORARY - Book: Filtti 15

You can really spend a lot of time perusing FILTTI 15, a book that will inspire you and give you ideas for your felt creations.
Images are expertly organized by theme, color and technique. Moreover, details about each piece make the pages come alive. There are also interesting collections of photos from past exhibitions.
Among these photos there are naturally some very sentimental ones of the most important wool producer: the sheep...

Author: Sirpa Mantyla / Marion Ritamaki.
Year: 2013.
Publisher: Finnish Felt Association.
Pages: 142, color.
Language: English and Finnish.


7,50 € TEMPORARY - Book: Knit and Felt Bags

This book offers lots of easy and quick ways to create amazing bags. The author designed 3 basic models which can be adapted in many different ways so that each bag can reflect the creator´s personality and satisfy different needs.

Author: Bev Beattie.
Year: 2009.
Publisher: AC Black.
Pages: 128, color.
Language: English.


7,50 € TEMPORARY - Book: The Bag necessary accessory

The book is a collection of works that were entered into a competition in the international exhibition of artistic craftsmanship. Throughout the book you can find pictures and illustrations by the artist who made the accessory bag.

Author: Eva Basile and Marzia Resi
Year: 2011.
Pages: 64, Color.
Language: Italian and English.