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Ich nehme einen Faden un gehe mit ihm spazieren

22,00 € Book: Ich nehme einen Faden un gehe mit ihm spazieren

"I took a thread and went for a walk with him", you can understand that intent of the artist, Gerlinde Merl, just from the title of this book, who, page after page invites us to follow her into her artistic universe. Her universe is made up of diverse sources of inspiration, forms, colors and various techniques, such as weaving, sewing, felting and dyeing. Traditional techniques are combined and the final result gives likes to unique works of art, home décor and pieces of clothing. Author: Judith Mundwiler Year: 2013. Publisher: MaroVerlag. Pages: 144, Color. Language: German.

Textil : texture / textile : textureTextil : texture / textile : texture

22,00 € Book: Textil : texture / textile : texture

This is the first book dedicated to the art of Heide Stoll-Weber. This artist is famous for her hand-dyed and printed fabrics created in her workshop in Frankfurt. This book, which focuses on 2 specific series of works (“Shadows and Lines”, started in 2011 and still a work in progress, and “Spiritual” produced between 2001 and 2007), attempts to explain her work through a journey in fabrics and colors: unique tone-on-tone, watercolor-like and multicolor pieces. Whoever loves color can’t help but fall in love. Author: Heide Stoll-Weber Year: 2015. Publisher: MaroVerlag. Pages: 192, Color. Language:German/English/French.

Textile is alive!

29,50 € Book: Textile is alive!

A colorful book full of inspiring textile art and handicraft from the Netherlands and Belgium in particular. More than 250 artists, designers and handicraft specialists with a passion for textile show their works of art, jewels, interior design pieces, clothing (accessories), experiments and other textile displays and briefly present themselves and their work. This is a unique book in which all sorts of techniques are presented, like embroidering, knitting, crocheting, painting/printing, felting, knotting, sewing, punching, weaving, (art)quilting, mixed media and other (new) techniques. Author: Ellen Bakker. Year: 2013. Publisher: Textiellink/Ellendesign. Pages: 192, color. Language: English.

Textile Kostbarkeiten / Textile Treasures

22,00 € Book: Textile Kostbarkeiten / Textile Treasures

Judith Mundwiler gives new life to discarded materials. The artist uses metal, tea bags, rusty wires, plants, seeds, flowers and transparent fabrics to create complicated works from simple materials. They are small textile treasures, in fact, each inspired by the world. It’s impossible to resist letting yourself be swept away onto this photographic journey. Author: Judith Mundwiler Year: 2011. Publisher: MaroVerlag. Pages: 192, Color. Language:German/English.

Textile Nature

26,50 € Book: Textile Nature - textile techniques and inspiration from the natural world

An inspirational guide to using nature in textile art, with step-by-step projects Plants, flowers, gardens, insects and birds are a rich source of inspiration for artists and designers of all kinds. This beautiful guide demonstrates how to get the most out of your surroundings to create original and unique pieces in textiles. Beginning with a chapter on drawing from nature, the book demonstrates how to use sketchbooks and create mood boards to explore your local environment and landscape. The author demonstrates how to make small pieces such as folding books based on observational drawing and stitch. Moving on to a section on floral inspiration, the author shows how to use plants and flowers in your work, from using stencilled flower motifs as embellishment to printing with plants onto fabric and making simple relief prints. Finally, the taking flight chapter demonstrates how to move into three-dimensions and sculptural work with birds and insects made from cloth. Featuring step-by-step projects as well as work from contemporary artists, makers and collaborative groups throughout, this practical and beautiful guide shows how practitioners of all kinds can draw from the natural world for making and inspiration. Author: Anne Kelly Year: 2016. Publisher: Batsford Hardcover. Pages: 128, Color. Language: English.

Textile Poesie - Stoffgeschichten

22,00 € Book: Textile Poesie - Stoffgeschichten

Gisela Hafer paints, dyes, prints, cuts and sews contrasting materials together to create textile collages. This book gathers together numerous pieces with each piece illustrated through beautiful photos and poems. Highly recommended to fill up on inspiration. Author: Gisela Hafer Year: 2015. Publisher: MaroVerlag. Pages: 132, Color. Language:German.

TextileArt around the world

29,50 € Book: TextileArt around the world

This book will accompany the reader on a journey through the fantistic and colorful world of textile art. More than 800 photos detail the most beautiful work of 160 artists from around the world. Discover the many facets of textile art: embroidery, crochet, felting, quilting, knitting.. the possibilities are endless! Each page is a new introduction to an artist and in addition to the photos, you will find a profile of each artist explaining their own techniques and philosophy. Author: Ellen Bakker. Year: 2014. Publisher: Textiellink/Ellendesign. Pages: 168, color. Language: English, German and Dutch.


26,50 € Book: Textiles: The Whole Story / Uses - Meanings - Significance

A dazzling array of illustrations includes paintings and photographs of both historic and contemporary textiles and a broad collection of textiles being created, worn and lived with. The author reminds us powerfully of the significance of fabrics throughout human history. Her expertise is enriched by her own hands-on experience: spinning silk from silkworm cocoons, weaving cloth and creating natural dyes. As a curator she has studied thousands of textiles. Bridging past and present – from the Stone Age to 21st-century ‘smart fabrics’ which can regulate body temperature or measure the wearer’s pulse – the book integrates craft, art, science, history and anthropology, drawing on examples from around the globe. Here are topics such as the universality of textiles in human language and experience; their social role in bonding families and communities; the importance of textiles in world trade; their spiritual and sacred aspects; and the work of artists using textiles as their medium. This worldwide survey is essential reading for anyone with a passion for textiles, whether creative, professional or educational. Author: Beverly Gordon Year: 2013. Publisher: Thames&Hudson. Pages: 304, Color. Language: English.