Falling for Felt

14,95 € Book: Falling for Felt

A step by step guide to making your felt creations. Over 200 photos to get inspiration from and find out the most popular felting techniques.

Author: Anne Cool
Year: 2008.
Publisher: Capelle a/d IJssel, The Netherlands.
Pages: 64, Color.
Language: English.

Felt Passion

27,50 € Book: Felt Passion

Following the enthusiastic reception of her earlier publication "Felting for me is..." (also available on this website), Ellen Bakker (this time together with Ricarda Assmann) gives us a new gift.
"Felt Passion": 95 artists living or born in German-speaking countries display their most recent, large-scale works of felt art and briefly explain their passion for felt.
With over 750 color photographs, this book provides a feast of colors, shapes and inspiration. Objects, clothing, tapestries, interiors, figures and much more...the applications of felt are limitless.

Author: Ellen Bakker
Year: 2013
Publisher: Textiellink/Ellendesign
Pages: 192, Color
Language: English


27,50 € Book: Felted Boot Slippers - a thorough guide

The e-Felt ´thorough guide´ takes you through all steps of felting your own warm boot slippers. The particular product is the outset in every e-Felt Guide. Along the way, knowledge of the material and craftmanship will get their due place. Richly illustrated.

Author: Mette Ostman
Year: 2015.
Publisher: Books on Demand
Soft Cover.
Pages: 48, Color.
Language: English.

16,80 € Book: Felted Vessels - Basic Design with Wool Fibres

Finally, a detailed walk-through on how to make your own felted vessels by Denmark artist Mette Ostman! This is a very simple how-to with lots of colorful photography. It’s a flexible, portable little guide that makes it ideal for vacation travel or for those of you who like to gather together to felt in a group. Perfect little gift, too – order it and have it sent to a friend or family member!

Author: Mette Ostman
Year: 2016.
Publisher: Books on Demand
Pages: 48, Color.
Language: English.

Filastrocca di un filo di lana che diventa gufo

15,00 € Book: Filastrocca di un filo di lana che diventa gufo

A string of purple yarn, a magical needle, a moonlit night… this is how you felt and sew and from the hands of a fairy a little owl takes shape and comes alive. It is a children´s story told in this finely illustrated volume by Annapaola del Nevo.

Inside you will also find a step by step guide to creating your own Checco, the Little Owl.

Autore: Elena Puntin
Year: 2012.
Publisher: Orto della Cultura.
Pages: 10, Color.
Language: Italian.


15,00 € Book: Filz - Wenn di hande wissen, was sie tun

Sehmisch´s new book is absolutely ahead of its time. Felt acquires materiality and new expressiveness. The approach to the work is innovative and projects are cutting-edge.
Do not miss it!

Author: Charlotte Sehmisch.
Year: 2010.
Publisher: MaroVerlag.
Pages: 105, color.
Language: No text - Captions in German.


22,00 € Book: FilzFrauen

The felt ladies. 9 internationally reknowned artists.
Their philosophy and their most beautiful works.
A declaration of love for felt.

Author: Ricarda Assman - Hans Koenig.
Year: 2010.
Publisher: MaroVerlag.
Pages: 192, color.
Language: German.


22,00 € Book: The Art of Felt: Inspirational Designs, Textures, and Surfaces

Often thought of as a practical material, felt can be surprisingly versatile and even poetic. With handmade felted fabrics, subtle variations in color, texture, and volume can be achieved: threads and fibers merge almost magically to form new motifs that can then be enlivened by embroidered or crocheted details.
Françoise Tellier-Loumagne takes an original approach to the world of feltmaking, finding design inspiration in calm morning skies, spectacular sunsets, and brilliant fireworks displays. The book includes basic techniques that can be used to create felted fabrics from scratch, such as needle-felting and tufting, along with imaginative ideas for ready-made felt. With a little artistic guidance, clouds across the moon can be turned into an eye-catching necklace, or a stormy sky may inspire a striking scarf or cushion cover.
Illustrated with hundreds of images, this book will be a treasure trove for anyone interested in original textile design.

Author: Françoise Tellier-Loumagne
Year: 2008.
Publisher: Thames&Hudson.
Pages: 304, Color.
Language: English.

29,50 € Book: Worldwide Colours of Felt

The theme in this book of Textile-link is colour, which is apparent from the title. Extraordinary about this latest book is the division into ten different colour chapters.
Each chapter starts with a personal story in which an artist explains about her favourite colour.
Over 500 participants display their work in the chapters purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, black-white-grey and natural/unpainted.
This extraordinary book project contains utensils, jewels, hats, shoes, slippers, toys, figures, tapestries... too many to sum up. Over 800 images are accompanied by portrait photographs of the artists and their web address or social media link.
Do not miss it!

Author: Ellen Bakker.
Year: 2016.
Publisher: Textiellink/Ellendesign.
Pages: 168, Color.
Language: English, Dutch and German.