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Falling for Felt

14,95 € Book: Falling for Felt

A step by step guide to making your felt creations. Over 200 photos to get inspiration from and find out the most popular felting techniques.

Author: Anne Cool
Year: 2008.
Publisher: Capelle a/d IJssel, The Netherlands.
Pages: 64, Color.
Language: English.

Felt Passion

27,50 € Book: Felt Passion

Following the enthusiastic reception of her earlier publication "Felting for me is..." (also available on this website), Ellen Bakker (this time together with Ricarda Assmann) gives us a new gift.
"Felt Passion": 95 artists living or born in German-speaking countries display their most recent, large-scale works of felt art and briefly explain their passion for felt.
With over 750 color photographs, this book provides a feast of colors, shapes and inspiration. Objects, clothing, tapestries, interiors, figures and much more...the applications of felt are limitless.

Author: Ellen Bakker
Year: 2013
Publisher: Textiellink/Ellendesign
Pages: 192, Color
Language: English

Filastrocca di un filo di lana che diventa gufo

15,00 € Book: Filastrocca di un filo di lana che diventa gufo

A string of purple yarn, a magical needle, a moonlit night… this is how you felt and sew and from the hands of a fairy a little owl takes shape and comes alive. It is a children´s story told in this finely illustrated volume by Annapaola del Nevo.

Inside you will also find a step by step guide to creating your own Checco, the Little Owl.

Autore: Elena Puntin
Year: 2012.
Publisher: Orto della Cultura.
Pages: 10, Color.
Language: Italian.


22,00 € Book: FilzFrauen

The felt ladies. 9 internationally reknowned artists.
Their philosophy and their most beautiful works.
A declaration of love for felt.

Author: Ricarda Assman - Hans Koenig.
Year: 2010.
Publisher: MaroVerlag.
Pages: 192, color.
Language: German.