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TEMPORARY - Piuma - 100 g - The Print Collection

Composition: 100% extra fine merino wool
Length: about 120 meters for 100 g / 131 yards for 3.5 oz

This soft yarn is made with our extra fine merino tops. Because it is a slightly twisted roving, it maintains all of the natural softness and lightness of wool while still being easy to use with knitting and crochet needles.

The Classic Collection
Snow: the dyeing bath of this colour stressed the fibre a little, so much so that its handle is a bit dry. By working and vaporising it the yarn puffs up and gets some of its original softness back. However, it doesn’t meet our quality standards. Therefore, we’re offering it at a reduced price.

Stonewashed: These colours display variations of tone-on-tone nuances inside. These variations are particularly beautiful, entirely unique and unrepeatable rendering each clew unique and different. They will give your creations that extra something.

The Print Collection
Misdyeing: in each printed batch there are some balls that have undyed areas. Some think they look like faults, but, we think it has quite a nice effect. What do you think? Get these unique pieces while you can.

Natural White, Paradise, Tulle, Jungle: these balls of yarn have a few more knots than is allowed by our rigorous standards. As a result, we have decided to offer them to you at a super competitive price.