shopping in the company

If you want to come and visit us you are always welcome!
However, if you do come, we ask you to please keep in mind some essentials points:
Itís necessary to make an appointment and agree on a date and time in advance.
Our company isnít a shop which is open to the public and so there isnít always someone available to follow visitors. For this reason itís essential to make an appointment to avoid coming here but then not being able to access the warehouse and buy our products.
Thereís a minimum purchase of 50 euros.
Does that apply to everyone?
No. Children up to 18 years old and university students (with a card) have no minimum purchase.
Before arriving you have to register on the site or send us your personal/billing data via e-mail.
This data is needed to issue the invoices correctly. We kindly ask you to send them to us before arriving, so that we can register you as a customer in advance and avoid unnecessary waiting and time wasting when youíre here.

We would like to remind you that by coming directly to the company you can:

  • buy "temporary" items not on the site
  • save on shipping costs
  • benefit from our standard discounts on amounts above 150 euros and 500 euros

Keep in mind though:

  • online promotions arenít applied
  • you can only pay by credit card/bankcard or cash (for a value of up to 3,000 euros)

Proceed to request an appointment by selecting a date and time from those available in the calendar below .

Note: In some periods of the year purchases in the company may be suspended at our complete and sole discretion.

appointment request

select date:



Collection of orders at the company

If you live in the neighbourhood (or you are in the area) and you want to pick up your order directly from here, so you can save on the shipping costs, you can do so by simply choosing the COLLECTION FROM DHG option, that the site will propose at the time of ordering.

The only thing we ask is that once you have placed the order to call us on (+39) 0574/1662721 or write to us at ( to arrange the pick up time. To avoid hitches we advise placing the order a few working days before the date you would like to pass by.
We would like to remind you that by choosing this method, from the moment of the collection from our warehouse it will not be possible to make any changes to the order or make additions.

Useful information

Opening times

from Monday to Friday from 9:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00 GMT+1
(Itís only possible to make an appointment or pick up an order during our opening hours)

To get directions on how to reach us and for more information about accommodation and restaurants nearby please download pdf.

All the purchases made and collected from the company are subject to Italian taxation (22% VAT) However, the Italian law states that if you are a traveller, who is a resident or domiciled outside the European Union you can purchase goods in Italy for personal or domestic use with a subsequent VAT refund. If this is your case and you would like to know how to apply for a VAT refund pleas click here.