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We don’t want you to feel obliged to sign up immediately, therefore we give you the chance to view all the information you need and get an idea of our products and offers even if you aren’t registered. Just remember that when, and if, you would like to place an order, you must be registered.

However without registering you can:
- See prices, promotions and discounts.
- Check shipping costs.
- Consult product catalogues and all the information in PDF files.

To be able to place an order on our site, you need to register and create your own personal account. This step is essential, as doing so, provides us with all the necessary information for the correct billing of your order. Therefore, please take extra care when filling in the registration form.
Please keep in mind:
1) You can only have one email per account. If, in the future you need to create a new account using the same email, we will need to first deactivate the other account with that email.
2) For security reasons we are not aware of the password you choose. If you have forgotten or lost your password, you can retrieve it here: MyDHGShop Login/Password dimenticata?The data entered during the registration is the only one that will be used to issue the invoice. The invoice will be issued whether you are a private, a company or an association.
If you wish to proceed with the registration click here.
NOTE: once the registration is complete, you will receive an email to activate your account. Keep a look out both in your inbox and in SPAM (junk mail) so you don’t miss it, as only by proceeding with the activation can you finialise the registration and log on to the site.

Before being able to place an order you must register (if you aren’t already) and log on. Logging on allows the system to be able to recognize you and manage your order correctly.


Once logged on, using the menu on the homepage select the products you would like to buy. The process is very quick and in just one click you can access any product page straight away.


On each product page you can find a photo, a description and prices.
All of our prices will be displayed in the currency you select, which you can change at any time using the drop down menu on the Home page (in the top right corner of the page near the trolley icon).
Note: The prices of our items are in euros. To be able to see these prices in a different currency we rely on the system to automatically convert them, according to the exchange rate at the time of ordering, therefore the prices may vary depending on the current exchange rate.
In this area here we have chosen to briefly give the most important information but if you would like further information, advice on knitting or inspiration do not despair.

Just click on any of the 4 icons in the area FIND OUT MORE to get all the information you want.
  • INFO • for technical insights and certifications.
  • VIDEO • to access a dedicated video playlist on the DHG Youtube channel
  • BLOG • to read articles written about each product, free tutorials and to discover lots of interesting fun facts.
  • IDEAS • to access dedicated albums on Pinterest and let yourself be inspired

All the variations of the same article are on this page and to visualize them all you have to do is scroll down the entire page to the bottom.
By clicking on the photo of each variation a pop-up will appear with an enlarged photo or a photo gallery (depending on the product) so you can have a better look.

You will often see coloured icons on the product photo. What do they mean?

  • NEW: new item
  • SALE: the item is discounted for a promotion.
  • OUT OF STOCK: the item is currently unavailable as it’s being replenished. 
  • SPECIAL PRICE: special price not linked to temporary promotions but valid until stock lasts (usually applied to items in the Temporary area)
  • DISCONTINUING: the item won’t be replenished, once it’s gone, it’s gone. So hurry!
  • SOLD OUT: there are no more places available for an event/course.
Once you have decided what to buy, simply add them to the trolley indicating the quantity in the Quantity field that you can find on the right of each photo and then click on

Now you’ve added all the items to the trolley you can finalise your order. First, check that all the chosen items are the right ones.
If you’d like to change something you can do it directly from this page using the following options:
The "UPDATE" symbol – to change the quantity of each single item
The "DELETE" symbol – to remove an item completely
The "CHOOSE PACK SIZE" symbol – to choose which pack size you want to receive the quantity ordered in (not available for all items)

Payment method choice
Once the order is complete and you've checked it one last time and you're happy with it, simply select the destination country so that the system can calculate the correct taxes and shipping costs.

If you have a coupon code to redeem, type it in the designated field and click on REDEEM, otherwise go straight to the next step and choose the payment method.

Note: from this step on, the prices will be shown in euros, both on the site and any communication sent upon the finalization of the order (order summary and payment confirmation).
Therefore credit card and Paypal charges will automatically be in euros. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, you must do it in euros.

  • if you choose to pay by bank transfer in advance you will receive the bank details necessary to do the transfer by email together with the order confirmation. Until we receive notification from the bank (or a copy of the transaction by e-mail or fax) the order will remain as PAYMENT OUTSTANDING and will not be prepared or processed.
  • if you choose to pay by credit card the transaction will be processed on a secure page by our bank, if by chance you have problems or the transaction is denied, only your credit card company is authorized to handle your query.
  • if you have a DHG Gift Card, it can be used like any other payment by card. The transaction will be handled by our site so if you have any doubts or problems please write to For further information about the DHG GIFT CARD please click here FAQ.FAQ
  • if you choose to pay using paypal the transaction will be handled on the paypal site, if you have any problems or the transaction is denied, only paypal can.handle your query.
  • if you choose to pay on delivery, the payment will be made once the goods are delivered. It’s advisable to have the right amount to avoid problems if change is needed.
  • the preparation and delivery of the order should be calculated from when payment is received (except pay on delivery) and not from the moment of placing the order on the site.
Confirming the delivery address

Before paying and/or completing the order you will be asked to confirm the delivery address.


If the delivery address is the same as the billing address tick the “same as billing address” box and the system will automatically fill in the form below.

However if the delivery address IS NOT the same as the billing one, fill in the form below taking extra care that the information is correct and complete. Especially the telephone number as this will be used by the courier in the event of problems with the delivery.

  Remember also that the “destination country” cannot be modified at this stage as the system has already confirmed this during the previous step to be able to calculate the shipping charge and costs correctly. If you would like to change the destination country please click on GO BACK TO THE CART, update the information and then proceed with the purchase.

Note: If the delivery address corresponds to an office, shop, hotel or a person/company different to the one specified on the billing address please indicate clearly the name that the courier will find on the sign/doorbell.

Completion of the order

We are now at the last step. Confirm the order and proceed to the payment.

If you chose to pay by paypal or credit card the site will automatically direct you to the paypal site or our bank, so you can make the payment securely.
Once you have made the payment, remember to NOT close the page, wait to be redirected to our site where you will be given confirmation of the end of the process.


After a few seconds you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you registered with, along with a summary of what you bought and useful information regarding delivery times, customs duties (where applicable), returns and exchanges. You will receive another email with the delivery number and a link to the courier’s site when the order has been processed.


Order preparation times (required for packaging, preparation of documents and delivery to the courier) depends on the size and the period of the purchase.
Preparation times are 2/3 working days but in the high season (August-April) it can take up to 5 working days. In the event of unexpected delays, you will be notified right away. We remind you that no orders are delivered or prepared on Saturdays and Sundays.

Lastly, remember that the preparation days are to be calculated from the day payment is received and not from when the order was placed on the site. Except for pay on delivery orders (available only in Italy).

Shipping times may vary depending on the Country of destination and how it is sent. In fact, it can be shipped by Express Courier or Standard Courier, or both if possible. If necessary, we can help you to find the best solution. Our shipping costs are always calculated based on a door-to-door service: this means that the products leave our warehouse and arrives directly to your delivery address at no extra cost, except for custom charges applicable for non EEC.
Remember that Customs often require the recipient to produce specific documentation (for example a copy of the purchase invoice and I.D) In the event that you fail to submit them in the time and manner required, we will not be responsible for any fines, delays and/or holding of the goods in customs with the relevant storage costs.


If you prefer to use your own courier just tell us at the time of ordering, Making sure however, that the courier collects all the necessary documents from us for the goods clearance before leaving our warehouse. Since each Country has its own customs regulations, the documents required for customs clearance can vary from to country to country and the courier is required to inform the sender in advance. If the courier fails to ask us for the necessary documents and this compromises the delivery of the goods, we will not be liable for any fines.

Our products which are shipped out of the European Economic Community (EEC) may be subject to taxes and customs duties. In accordance with current regulations, the buyer is responsible for the importation of the product in the country of destination; we remind you that you are required to comply with all the laws and regulations of the said country.

You are also responsible for all the import charges, that is, duties and taxes applied by customs. The calculation of those depends on the value of the shipment (a value that we indicate by issuing the respective invoice) and by the type of products that the shipment is made up of. This is calculated by identifying the taxable goods by a classification code known as the Harmonized System Code which is always shown on our invoices.

You can find out details of the actual costs or to obtain the documentation or the receipts relating to the procedures carried out at customs by contacting the courier in charge of the shipment.

If you would like us to help you estimate the duties please write to us at

We offer you the possibility to return the products you have bought. Providing you do so within 15 days of receiving the parcel.
The conditions are as follows:
  • The returns form (downloadable here) must be filled in and sent to us in order to obtain a returns number which we will send you as soon as possible.
  • the products must not have been used
  • the products must be returned in their original packaging
  • the returned products must reach us in a single shipment within 20 days from the date you received the parcel
Once we have received the goods and found that all the conditions have been met, a replacement will be shipped or you will be refunded the due amount promptly.
If the return is due to a mistake on our behalf, we will pay for the shipping costs, so you will be reimbursed for both the return and the exchange. If not, you are responsible for all the shipping costs and therefore you won’t be reimbursed.

Note: If the reason for the return is an alleged defect/non-conformity of the product purchased, we will ask you for a photo of the presumed defect. These photos will be useful to carry out a match with the materials that belong to the same batch and are still stored in the warehouse; they can also help us to understand the problem exactly and find you a solution.

We would like to point out that this request does not compromise in any way the possibility of carrying out a return: it simply helps us to find out the possible problem as soon as possible. We would like to thank you for your kind cooperation.

According to the Italian law, based on the Community provisions, if you make purchases directly in the company or if you ask for the dispatch of an order at a temporary address (hotel, B & B, other) and you are an EU non-resident travellers you may be granted VAT refund for goods intended for personal or familiar use purchased in Italy.


You can be granted VAT refund or relief provided that:

  • the foreign buyer is a EU non - resident traveller;
  • the goods are intended for personal or familiar use and are personally carried in the baggage;
  • the overall value of goods exceeds 154,94 Euro (VAT included);
  • the purchase is certified by an invoice containing the description of goods, the personal data of the traveller as well as the particulars of his passport or of any such equivalent document;
  • the goods leave the EU territory within three months after the end of that when the purchase was made;
  • the goods go through some special customs formalities;
  • the invoice is returned to the Italian seller within four months after the end of that when the purchase was made.


Goods purchased in Italy and personally carried in the baggage outside the EU territory

The goods purchased and the relevant invoice must be shown at the Customs of exit from the EU territory.
The Customs office, after having ascertained that all the requirements are met endorses the invoice. This endorsement is essential to prove that the goods have effectively left the Community territory.
The competent Customs office where the invoice must be presented for the endorsement is the Customs of exit situated in the state where the EU non-resident traveller leaves the EU territory for his country of origin. If, for example, a EU non-resident traveller purchases goods in Italy and then goes to Austria, the competent Customs office where all the invoices must be presented for the endorsement is the Austrian Customs office.
However, where the passenger holds a single ticket and carries out a single check-in being issued a double boarding card - one for the first domestic flight and another for the following final non-EU destination (i.e. Bari-Rome-New York or Milan-Frankfurt-Tokyo) - he can get an endorsement on the invoice concerning the goods intended for personal or family use by the national customs office located at the departure airport.
Note that the goods must be shown at the customs office: if the traveller intends to carry them by plane, he must go to the Customs office to declare them before checking in the baggage.
Customs controls and the certification required to obtain VAT refund may require a long wait above all at the biggest airports or in concurrence with the departure of international flights going to certain third countries; therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant delays, the EU non-resident traveller shall be at the airport at least two hours before leaving time.

Goods purchased in Italy and directly carried in the personal baggage outside the territory of the EU: What to do if the goods are too bulky or too heavy

Should the goods intended for personal or familiar use be so bulky or heavy as not to be able to be carried outside the Community Customs territory directly in the personal baggage (and also because it is too expensive), the EU non-resident traveller may have them shipped to his foreign address as not accompanied baggage, i.e. as "personal goods" which are not directly carried by the traveller but shipped to destination by airline. They can be collected at the oncoming goods section of the airport.
The facility above can be applied provided that the traveller leaves the Italian territory with a direct flight to his country of origin.
This operation is subject to a real air-freight agreement: The air carrier issues an airwaybill (AWB) and the payment of an additional sum is required for the transport of goods abroad.
In this case, the purchase of goods must be certified by an invoice other than that concerning the goods checked in or personally carried by the traveller.
The original copy of the invoice must be presented to the air carrier for the issue of the airwaybill (AWB) concerning the goods shipped as not accompanied baggage and will be endorsed by the competent Customs office. The Customs endorsement is essential for VAT refund purposes. 
In order to verify that the goods contained in the invoice issued by the Italian seller are the same as those shipped to destination by airline on behalf of the traveller, the description of the goods in the airwaybill must correspond to that of the invoice issued by the Italian seller and the name of the consignor of the goods shipped must match that of the receiver.
Besides, the personal details (reported in the passport or in any such equivalent document) of the foreign traveller in the airwaybill (AWB) must match those reported, according to the Italian law, in the invoice issued by the Italian seller.


In order to tangibly get the VAT refund, the EU non-resident traveller must return the original copy of the invoice endorsed by the Customs, according to the terms above, to DHG.
The refund is made directly by DHG according to the terms agreed with the buyer when the goods were purchased (for example, by credit into a bank account, credit card, cheque, etc.).

Attention: In any case, VAT cannot be refunded directly by Customs offices.

For credit card payments, DHGShop uses the GestPay system by Banca Popolare di Vicenza SpA, one of the most important banking-houses in Italy for online payment management. Plus, all transactions made with credit cards from the VISA circuit also use the "VERIFIED BY VISA" standard, an internationally recognized certification system which allows you make purchases in complete safety thanks to advanced encryption codes.
Below is a technical description for those who would like to learn more on the subject:
GestPay by Banca Popolare di Vicenza SpA takes advantage of the most advanced digital safety standards, thanks to the 128 Bit SSL 3 protocol. The browser-server communication is made safe by a 128 bit SSL 3 transport (currently the highest security standard, with server-side certification!). With this system, the customer cannot interfere in the transaction between the merchant and the bank in any way, because the parameters sent through the browser are encrypted with high-security algorithm.
To further increase the security rate, the merchant will have to indicate one or more IP addresses for the servers that will communicate with the bank's server. For every call, the latter will crosscheck the IP indicated by the merchant and the calling IP address. The merchant will then have to change its reply pages on the transaction outcome (URL OK and KO), so that they can decipher the bank's reply.
In case the connection to the merchant's server fails, the bank's secure server will show the customer a virtual receipt summarizing the transaction data, and will also carry out a preset number of attempts to establish communication. After these attempts, the customer will see a page with the payment information, set up by the bank as a substitute for the merchant's one. A further series of server-to-server connection attempts will be performed, at regular intervals, until the communication is guaranteed to have been established. If the connection cannot be established after 24 hours, the help desk will directly contact the merchant.

Information and authorisation of the treatment of personal data of those concerned: E-commerce customers and visitors to this company website.
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