DHG supports Africa together with Amref

from Annalisa Chelli - 24/02/2022

Annalisa Chelli

Here at DHG, we have always dreamt about being an active partner in a great project involving a community. For this reason, we are happy to tell you today that our dream has come true.

As soon as we discovered Amref we understood that it was the†right†organization for us, and for many reasons. Firstly, because it operates in Africa, a continent that is dear to us, Majestic, full of potential, and with deep roots and a soul of poignant beauty. It is also a continent that has been exploited by colonizers who have brought it to its knees, torn apart by civil wars and famines.

Another reason that drew us to Amref was the fact that the organization was established in Kenya by the hard work of just three surgeons, who by uniting together began to make a difference. How did they accomplish this you ask? By taking their aid from one African country to another. Reaching even the most isolated locations. Since that moment in 1957, the organisation has come a long way. Water wells, schools, hospitals, women's emancipation, the fight against gender discrimination, long distance adoptions.

In short, their motto is:

"Not to help out of charity, but to bring out the thousands of opportunities in this incredible continent. Not compassion but action."

Amongst the numerous aid projects that were proposed to us, we have chosen to participate in the Protect Girls program, a program which is based on community interventions, that fights against female genital mutilation and guarantees safe and clean drinking water, and to reinforce the health services that are lacking. The objectives are to:

  • support a change in attitudes in decision-making members of communities towards genital mutilation and early and forced marriages.
  • training for adolescent boys and girls on issues of sexual and reproductive health and support in understanding and executing their rights.
  • develop legislation and regulations together with politicians to put an end to the practice of mutilation.

Our contribution involves the construction of 1 rainwater collection system on the roof of schools and health facilities.

Discover all of†Amref's projects. For us it was a wonderful experience, and we are sure that it is only the first step of a long journey.