Our family


The Company was founded in 2008. Almost by chance but, from the very beginning, with absolute determination. The fundamental encounter with Eva Basile, the discovery of the art of textiles and of felt. The decision to unite attracting opposites: craftsmanship and industry. The awareness of having an important, precious card to play: our mother company, Gruppo Colle, has been dyeing fibres and yarns since 1952, which gave us a deep knowledge of the world of textiles. An ambitious, fascinating challenge was right in front of us.

That is how DyeingHouseGallery was born, a company which, from its very name, calls to mind the union of two different souls: the dyeing plant, where the colors are born, and the gallery, where art is made. Today, 150 wool colors later, DHG is a solid reality with distrubutors, retailers and above all friends and clients all over the world. Its team has been growing, because we never run out of ideas and there is always someone who's willing to be part of this adventure.

From a small town in Tuscany, Prato, we keep telling our story of love for textiles. A passion which was sparked 60 years ago but which still makes our heart beat just as fast as the very first day.

Our City

"I was born in Prato, I’m happy to be born in Prato, and if I was not born here I would not have been born…"
Curzio Malaparte wrote almost a century ago.

And we people of Prato you know we are very close to our city, to our roots, to our traditions. We love even the chimneys that dot the city’s skyline and we get excited to hear the noise of the looms at work.

And it is for this reason that DyeingHouseGallery, a bit ‘as Malaparte, could not have been born here. Here in this small town where people have been working in textiles for the past 1000 years. The cradle of thousands of companies and laboratories where the greatest designers in the world work closely with our craftsmen, where every day tradition and innovation come together in a inextricable plot.

So if you are crazy for the the textile then this is the city for you. We will be happy to be your Virgil.