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We had you in mind when we decided to create this service This way, you can create a personal profile that will keep you up-to-date on all of our news. You will discover that every purchase can be made even easier and faster, and your order history is always just a click away. in other words, it's a useful tool to make your life easier in every moment, 24/7, anywhere you have internet access.

Viewing the different components of a website is the main way in which a virtual shop interacts with the buyer on the Internet.
Our technicians have made a special effort to realize a graphic interface to make the time you spend on DHGShop as pleasant as possible, while at the same time keeping it very safe and simple.
We recommend you use 1024x768 pixel resolution, so you can fully enjoy all the features and the beauty of the DHGShop universe. Who said that e-commerce can't be a visually pleasant experience?

This definitely is our main attraction. After having selected the best products, we devoted as much time to the task of facilitating and making safe your purchase operations. As you can see, you can freely surf the site, moving about the various products or simply using the search engine. As soon as you find your object of desire, all you have to do is to click on the Shopping Cart. At that point, if you do not have a personal account, you will be asked to open one: once is enough and the following purchases will be even quicker. After filling in a form, with your personal information and shipping destination, you can finally enter the payment service.
We respect your privacy. Therefore we want you to enter the DHGShop world with confidence. You are not only a customer for us: that is why DHGShop has security certifications for financial transactions….computer security is our priority.

The DHG Gift Card is not personal and you may purchase one or more for yourself or to give to someone.
The DHG Gift Card can only be used for purchases on
The DHG Gift Card DHG is an easy, safe payment method that you can use any time to purchase any product on our website,
It's very easy to use it: since the card is already active, all you need to do is register on our website (if you are already registered, just log in), proceed with your purchase and then use the card as a payment method by entering the code of your card into the REDEEM YOUR GIFT CARD field.
If the total amount of your purchase is lower or equal to the balance on your Gift Card, the system will deduct the credit from your card and then it will let you finalize your order. If the total amount of your purchase is higher than the balance on your Gift Card, the system will deduct the available credit and then it will ask you to choose an additional payment method among those available.
The card can be used until there is no credit left, and/or until its expiration date.

There are only a few limitations that we ask you to keep in mind.
The Gift Card cannot be used to purchase other Gift Cards and cannot be topped up, resold or exchanged for money. You cannot use more than one Gift Card to pay for one single order, and you cannot transfer the balance of one Gift Card to another one.

Loss and Theft
The ownership and the risk of loss of a Gift Card are transferred upon the buyer the moment the card is delivered to the buyer or designed recipient, either digitally or by mail. We refuse any responsibility in case of loss, theft, destruction or unauthorized use of the card.

However, we will be at your disposal in order to immediately block a lost/stolen card, and we will issue a new card (in digital form), with the same remaining balance as the lost/stolen one. We would also like to point out that in order to protect both the buyer and the recipient (if different), the card will only be cancelled and re-issued only upon specific request from the buyer.

Lastly, we would like to point out that in case a Gift Card is obtained and used in a fraudulent way, we reserve the right to close the customer's account or to charge the order with alternative payment methods, as well as evaluating the possibility of taking legal proceedings.

Return policy for the gift card and for goods purchased with it
You may return the card only if it has not been used yet, and within ONE MONTH of the date of purchase (for the packaged Gift Card) or of the date of sending (for the digital Gift Card). You do not need to physically return the card. We will automatically cancel your card and you may destroy it yourself.
If you request a refund for goods that you purchased with a Gift Card, you will receive it in the form of a new Gift Card (in the digital version), for the amount of the refund. Refunds cannot be transferred to other cards or bank accounts.

General terms and conditions.
The general terms and conditions of sale of this website apply to purchases paid by Gift Card.

The purchase of a Gift Card is not subject to VAT pursuant to and by effect of art. 2, co. 3, lett. a), D.P.R. 633/1972. We will issue an invoice that you can view and download in the Customer Area.

According to the Italian law, based on the Community provisions, if you make purchases directly in the company or if you ask for the dispatch of an order at a temporary address (hotel, B & B, other) and you are an EU non-resident travellers you may be granted VAT refund for goods intended for personal or familiar use purchased in Italy.


You can be granted VAT refund or relief provided that:

  • the foreign buyer is a EU non - resident traveller;
  • the goods are intended for personal or familiar use and are personally carried in the baggage;
  • the overall value of goods exceeds 154,94 Euro (VAT included);
  • the purchase is certified by an invoice containing the description of goods, the personal data of the traveller as well as the particulars of his passport or of any such equivalent document;
  • the goods leave the EU territory within three months after the end of that when the purchase was made;
  • the goods go through some special customs formalities;
  • the invoice is returned to the Italian seller within four months after the end of that when the purchase was made.


Goods purchased in Italy and personally carried in the baggage outside the EU territory

The goods purchased and the relevant invoice must be shown at the Customs of exit from the EU territory.
The Customs office, after having ascertained that all the requirements are met endorses the invoice. This endorsement is essential to prove that the goods have effectively left the Community territory.
The competent Customs office where the invoice must be presented for the endorsement is the Customs of exit situated in the state where the EU non-resident traveller leaves the EU territory for his country of origin. If, for example, a EU non-resident traveller purchases goods in Italy and then goes to Austria, the competent Customs office where all the invoices must be presented for the endorsement is the Austrian Customs office.
However, where the passenger holds a single ticket and carries out a single check-in being issued a double boarding card - one for the first domestic flight and another for the following final non-EU destination (i.e. Bari-Rome-New York or Milan-Frankfurt-Tokyo) - he can get an endorsement on the invoice concerning the goods intended for personal or family use by the national customs office located at the departure airport.
Note that the goods must be shown at the customs office: if the traveller intends to carry them by plane, he must go to the Customs office to declare them before checking in the baggage.
Customs controls and the certification required to obtain VAT refund may require a long wait above all at the biggest airports or in concurrence with the departure of international flights going to certain third countries; therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant delays, the EU non-resident traveller shall be at the airport at least two hours before leaving time.

Goods purchased in Italy and directly carried in the personal baggage outside the territory of the EU: What to do if the goods are too bulky or too heavy

Should the goods intended for personal or familiar use be so bulky or heavy as not to be able to be carried outside the Community Customs territory directly in the personal baggage (and also because it is too expensive), the EU non-resident traveller may have them shipped to his foreign address as not accompanied baggage, i.e. as "personal goods" which are not directly carried by the traveller but shipped to destination by airline. They can be collected at the oncoming goods section of the airport.
The facility above can be applied provided that the traveller leaves the Italian territory with a direct flight to his country of origin.
This operation is subject to a real air-freight agreement: The air carrier issues an airwaybill (AWB) and the payment of an additional sum is required for the transport of goods abroad.
In this case, the purchase of goods must be certified by an invoice other than that concerning the goods checked in or personally carried by the traveller.
The original copy of the invoice must be presented to the air carrier for the issue of the airwaybill (AWB) concerning the goods shipped as not accompanied baggage and will be endorsed by the competent Customs office. The Customs endorsement is essential for VAT refund purposes. 
In order to verify that the goods contained in the invoice issued by the Italian seller are the same as those shipped to destination by airline on behalf of the traveller, the description of the goods in the airwaybill must correspond to that of the invoice issued by the Italian seller and the name of the consignor of the goods shipped must match that of the receiver.
Besides, the personal details (reported in the passport or in any such equivalent document) of the foreign traveller in the airwaybill (AWB) must match those reported, according to the Italian law, in the invoice issued by the Italian seller.


In order to tangibly get the VAT refund, the EU non-resident traveller must return the original copy of the invoice endorsed by the Customs, according to the terms above, to DHG.
The refund is made directly by DHG according to the terms agreed with the buyer when the goods were purchased (for example, by credit into a bank account, credit card, cheque, etc.).

Attention: In any case, VAT cannot be refunded directly by Customs offices.

The time required for us to prepare your order will obviously depend on the size of the order and the time of year. Order preparation typically takes 2/3 business days during our low season (January-August) and up to 5 business days during our high season (September-December). We do not ship on Saturday and Sunday.

Delivery times can also vary greatly, depending on the destination country and the type of shipment (we can ship air freight, sea freight, and, only in Europe, overland freight). Depending on the type of order and your needs, we will be happy to find the solution that works best for you.
Please keep in mind that our shipping costs are always calculated as a door-to-door service. This means that they include the entire cost of delivering the goods from our warehouse directly to your company without you having to worry about a thing.
The only charges that are not included are custom charges which will be applied for non-EEC buyers. These charges vary based on country of delivery and are entirely paid for by the buyer. For more information, please contact your country's customs administration.
Alternatively, if you have an entrusted express courier that you would like to handle the shipping, all you need to do is let us know when you place your order.
You also need to ensure that the courier contacts us to request all the documents required for customs clearance (i.e. not only the invoices but also the certificates of origin etc. in case they are required) before the goods leave our warehouse. This is fundamental as some certifications are only issued upon inspection by designated local officials.
Our couriers request the necessary documents in advance. Please ask your courier to do the same. Otherwise, we will not be responsible for any extra charges incurred or delayed delivery of the goods.

Whoever places an order on our website is responsible for importing the goods into the country of destination according to current regulations. Our products, when shipped outside of the European Economic Community ("EEC") may be subject to taxes and duties. The consignee is the official importer of the goods and must respect all the laws and regulations of the country of destination. The consignee is furthermore responsible for all importation fees, that is, for the customs duties and taxes that will be applied based on the regulations of the country of destination. This amount is calculated based on the estimated value of the shipment subject to taxes, which is indicated that value listed on our commercial invoice.
To aid in such a calculation, the goods subject to duty are identified by a classification code known as the Harmonized System Code, which is always present in our invoices. To learn the exact importation fees, or to obtain the documentation or the receipts for the procedures carried out by customs, you can contact the courier handling the shipment.

On our website you will find two different ways to purchase our goods. The Standard Mode and the Quick Mode. Take a minute of your time to read the page presenting these two methods. You will find that once you discover which method works best for you, placing orders will be extremely quick.

DHGShop gives you the possibility to return any product that you have purchased, if for any reason the purchase was made in error. You have 15 days from the date the package is received to carry out a return. However, you must first be sure that you have fulfilled all of the requirements for return:

  • the return form (which you can download here) must be filled out and sent to DHGShop. You will immediately be sent a return request number.
  • the products must be unused
  • the products must be returned in their original packaging
  • the products to be returned must be sent to us in a single shipment within 20 days of the date in which the merchandise was received
  • In the case that the return is due to an error on our part, we will reimburse you the shipping costs. The shipping charges will be at our cost both for the return and any potential exchange. If this is not the case, the shipping charges will be at your cost and therefore will not be reimbursed.
  • Once we have received the returned merchandise and have ascertained that all of the conditions for return have been satisfied, we will immediately ship the replacement merchandise or issue a refund.
Please note: if the return is due to an alleged defect/irregularity of the product you have purchased, we will proceed in asking you for photos of the defect. These photos will be useful first of all for us to compare the merchandise to the goods from the same lot still located in our warehouse as well as to help us understand exactly what the problem is and how to find a solution. We would like to make it clear that our request for photos has no influence on the possibility of making a return: it simply helps us to figure out the problem in as quickly as possible
Thank you for your cooperation.

For credit card payments, DHGShop uses the GestPay system by Banca Popolare di Vicenza SpA, one of the most important banking-houses in Italy for online payment management. Plus, all transactions made with credit cards from the VISA circuit also use the "VERIFIED BY VISA" standard, an internationally recognized certification system which allows you make purchases in complete safety thanks to advanced encryption codes.
Below is a technical description for those who would like to learn more on the subject:
GestPay by Banca Popolare di Vicenza SpA takes advantage of the most advanced digital safety standards, thanks to the 128 Bit SSL 3 protocol. The browser-server communication is made safe by a 128 bit SSL 3 transport (currently the highest security standard, with server-side certification!). With this system, the customer cannot interfere in the transaction between the merchant and the bank in any way, because the parameters sent through the browser are encrypted with high-security algorithm.
To further increase the security rate, the merchant will have to indicate one or more IP addresses for the servers that will communicate with the bank's server. For every call, the latter will crosscheck the IP indicated by the merchant and the calling IP address. The merchant will then have to change its reply pages on the transaction outcome (URL OK and KO), so that they can decipher the bank's reply.
In case the connection to the merchant's server fails, the bank's secure server will show the customer a virtual receipt summarizing the transaction data, and will also carry out a preset number of attempts to establish communication. After these attempts, the customer will see a page with the payment information, set up by the bank as a substitute for the merchant's one. A further series of server-to-server connection attempts will be performed, at regular intervals, until the communication is guaranteed to have been established. If the connection cannot be established after 24 hours, the help desk will directly contact the merchant.

Dear Client,
We wish to inform you that Italian Legislative Decree n. 196 dated June 30th, 2003 ('Personal Data Protection Code') provides for the protection of all persons and other subjects in regards to the processing of personal information.
According to the above mentioned decree, such processing will be carried out following the principles of propriety, lawfulness and transparency and in protection of your discretion and rights.
Pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree n.196/2003, we wish to inform you of the following:

1. the personal data that you provide DHGShop with during the registration process on this web page in the following space, during business relations aimed at the conclusion of contractual agreements, the completion of contractual services, promotional activities or collected within our activity in compliance with the current provisions of law and contract obligations, are processed in conformity with the above-mentioned regulations and privacy obligations provided for therein;
2. the personal data will be processed electronically and/or manually for institutional purposes, related to our company’s activity such as filing, processing, invoicing, clientele management and, in particular:
a. to meet any obligations provided for by civil, revenue and accounting laws etc. for the purpose of managing the relation you have established with our company;
b. to meet contractual obligations concerning technical support and information, post selling assistance and product satisfaction surveys;
c. for statistical, market research and marketing purposes regarding the products which are object of I DHGShop’s activity;
d. for the communication of business information about future business initiatives, new products, services and special offers, from ItalianSpotLight and affiliate and/or controlled companies, business partners and outsourcers;
3. collecting your personal data is necessary to meet the contractual obligations and the provisions of law connected to the business relation you have established with DHGShop: failing to submit personal data makes it impossible to carry out your order. Your mobile phone number is requested in order to meet contractual obligations and to facilitate the supply of DHGShop’s services: if you are not interested in the business information that enables you to take advantage of our special offers as the other subjects registered on the site, you may oppose the use of your telephone number for that purpose;
4. the data are collected in our database and recorded in such a way as to allow access to them only to persons authorized by ItalianSpotLight. The data can be processed, for the above-mentioned purposes, within ItalianSpotLight or disclosed to: a) linked, controlled or affiliate companies; b) DHGShop’s business partners (manufacturing companies, suppliers, carriers and forwarders etc); c) companies which carry out customer satisfaction surveys. Since ItalianSpotLight can operate abroad, the data may be transferred abroad, outside the European Union, in conformity with the provisions of law under which we ask for the consent to the transfer.

The data controller is DHGShop. At the moment no specific representative has been appointed to this role.

At any moment you may avail your rights in relation to the data controller, according to art. art.7 of Legislative Decree n.196/2003, a translation of which you will find here for your convenience:

Legislative Decree n.196/2003, Art.7 - Right to access personal data and other rights
1. The data subject is entitled to obtain confirmation as to whether his/her personal data exist, even before their recording, and notification of the data in an intelligible form.
2. The data subject is entitled to be told:
a. the source of the personal data;
b. the purpose for which they are being processed and the procedure used;
c. the logic underlying the electronic data processing;
d. the personal details of the data controller, of the persons in charge and of the appointed representative in conformity with art. 5, paragraph 2;
e. which subjects or groups of subjects the personal data may be communicated to or , as appointed representative on the state territory or persons in charge, may have access to the data.
3. The data subject is entitled to obtain:
a. the updating, correction or, if it is of interest to him/her, the integration of data;
b. the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of unlawfully processed data, including those which need not to be kept with regard to the purpose for which the data were collected or subsequently processed;
c. the statement that any action under a) and b), and the content thereof, has been made known to those to whom the data have been communicated or shared with, except when this proves to be impossible or involves a use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right.
4. The data subject is entitled to oppose, fully or in part:
a. for legitimate reasons, the processing of his/her personal data, even when such data are relevant to the purpose of collecting them;
b. the processing of his/her personal data for the purpose of sending advertising material, or for direct sales or carrying out market researches or business communication.

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