Eco friendly: an important keyword here at DHG

from Annalisa Chelli - 14/10/2015

Annalisa Chelli

Eco friendly: an important keyword here at DHG. In fact, for many years we have been putting a lot of effort in becoming more eco friendly. In order to do that, we have invested in environmental certifications as we have already mentioned on our blog. 

That includes the Oeko-Tex certification e others we haven't told you about yet, such as GOTS and Emas. We covered the roofs of our buildings in solar panels, making our headquarters 100% electrically self-sufficient. We have also chosen packaging made with biodegradable plastic and FSC paper. At the moment, we are also committed to finding suppliers that are "environmentally" smarter, choosing local suppliers when possible. We are looking for suppliers who, like us, care about the future of our planet. In the pictures, you can see the latest lot of DHG bags which has just arrived at our warehouse. Biodegradable plastic and recycled paper. DHG GOES GREEN!

Eco friendly, aka, the Earth needs some TLC

Being an eco friendly company, that is to say, upstanding when it comes to the environment, isn't always easy. It requires constant effort, researching state-of-the-art techniques and systems in the environmental field. But our efforts are amply repaid by the satisfaction of protecting our planet, in our own small and limited way. We think that this is everyone's duty, but most of all, of those who run businesses to do their best to obtain the best results for their business with the smallest impact on the environment. The earth is not ours. We are all here in passing and it would be nice to think that we are leaving this priceless heritage in good condition to those who come after us. Planet Earth is a bit like the Olympic Torch that each generation must pass to the next, burning and intact, in good health and happy thanks to some TLC. There is definitely room for us to improve but don't doubt that every time the occasion presents itself to better ourselves, we always consider the option.

Eco friendly is beautiful! Don't you agree? Ciao, until next time.

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