Human Ecology - Oeko-Tex Certification

from Gaia Gualtieri - 24/01/2014

Gaia Gualtieri

Eco-sustainability and consumer protection have always been important subjects to us. Therefore, we have always invested in tools, products and procedures that would allow us to become more ecofriendly and more respectful of consumer protection regulations each and every day.

Respect for the environment, sustainability, and safety are made up of many small details and considerations but also of big investments and efforts, above all, when discussing certifications that can seriously provide the consumer with certain guarantees about their purchases.

Oeko-Tex is certainly one of these certifications.

Oeko-Tex, a certification obtained by us 6 years ago, is well-known mainly within the textile world and since an ever-increasing number of people ask us for information about our products, and most of all clarifications about our dyes, we believe that the moment has come to tell you about it. To tell the truth, we should have done it years ago but we were so immersed in countless other projects that we always put it off and for this, we humbly ask your forgiveness.

Oeko-Tex was born in the beginning of the 1990’s in response to the needs of consumers and public opinion for textile products that presented zero health risks.

Unfortunately, the properties required to manufacture modern textiles cannot be obtained without the use of certain types of chemical substances, needed to guarantee that the final products display specific qualities (such as easy-care, durability, etc.) which are often essential to their final use (just think of work uniforms…).

Up until the introduction of Oeko-Tex there were no instruments to certify that the substances, necessary to guarantee certain qualities of finished products, were at the same time safe for human health and not harmful to the environment.

The Oeko-Tex certification system (combined with the technological development of chemical treatments and auxiliaries) has made the combinations of these aspects possible.Now it is possible to obtain well-performing products without sacrificing safety and a love for nature. Don’t believe anyone who says anything to the contrary, when they try to make you believe that that isn’t possible.

Today, manufacturing companies have tools that make them better. It’s clear that these investments and specialized work procedures can sometimes translate into bigger costs for manufacturers and therefore a rise in price for us, the consumer. I believe, however, that when we evaluate the price of a product we absolutely must think of it in relation to quality.

Here at DHG, our goal every day is to guarantee to you total quality. Total because it isn’t only provided by the choice of raw materials.  It is provided by the quality of the production process, the impact that these processes have on the environment around us, and the respect for those who work in our factories. This mix of values is what we would like you feel when you buy from DHG.

Let us know if we are succeeding.

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