Certification GOTS 6.0 - Global Organic Textile Standard

from Annalisa Chelli - 10/03/2022

Annalisa Chelli

The Global Organic Textile Standard is a technical standard for the certification of organic textiles, supported internationally by some of the most important organizations promoting organic agriculture (Organic Trade Association, IVN, Japanese Organic Cotton Association, Soil Association).

ICEA is ISO/IEC 65 certified by the 'International Organic Accreditation Service (IOAS) "for the aim of organic textile product certification" and was authorized by Global Standard GmbH for:

the certification of textiles produced in compliance with the GOTS 6.0 the approval of colors and auxiliaries for industry, in accordance with requirements defined by GOTS 6.0

Certification of textile products

The GOTS 6.0 Certification extends to the the production,manufacturing, labelling, exporting, importing and distribution of textile products made from natural fibers certified as organically produced as per Reg. CE 834/2007 (or a similar regulation, such as NOP), and manufactured in compliance with GOTS. 

The certification of a textile product as organic is based on the evaluation and verification of many different aspects.

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