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Cotton tapes Made In DHG

Get the WOW effect! New season. New pure cotton tapes!

They’re both here at last and available in a selection of gorgeous colours! Stromboli and Sailorman are pure cotton tapes Made in DHG and as of today, part of our yarn collection.

For those of you, who like us, are making their way slowly but surely into the knitting world, tapes are an absolute must-have! That’s why we decided to bring in the new season with these two items, that we hope you’ll fall head over heels in love with too.

To show them off at their best we’ve teamed up with an exceptional model that has come up with the first projects using these yarns. Ready for the WOW effect?

Sailorman - 100 g
1 pc. € 6,66
Stromboli - 200 g
1 pc. € 11,30
Sailorman - 100 g
1 pc. € 6,66
Stromboli - 200 g
1 pc. € 11,30

AllNeed feat. DHG

We’ve been toying with the idea of getting real people, instead of actual models, to wear garments that have been made with our yarns for some time now. Women and men of different ages, different personalities who can make our projects their own.

DHG isn’t a fashion brand with its own identity. On the contrary, we like to think of ourselves as a creative hub, that thanks to our products we’re able to let heterogeneous styles be expressed. It’s from this that the idea of always working with different makers came about, sometimes with antithetical styles too. Our products are simply means to give wings to YOUR creativity, and the proposed projects are merely an inspiration… feel free to tailor-make them as you please.

Jumper made with DHG tapes - Viareggio

So, as I said before, we’ve wanted to see our pieces worn by someone who can individualise them for a while now, so, who better than Elena from AllNeed to introduce you to our new Stromboli and Sailorman tapes?

Elena who was born in 1967, is the creative soul behind AllNeed, that started out as an accessory line, using vintage garments (leather jackets, military clothes). However, for some years now it has offered a total look with simple and comfortable pieces whilst being feminine at the same time. Maybe because Elena is the queen of mix and match, but with her even the most basic piece turns out to be irresistible and fancy… just follow her advice!

Our garments couldn’t have ended up in better hands! The 2 solid colour pieces are really easy to make yet, on her they have that certain something that I can’t quite put my finger on, but anyway something like that unexplainable WOW effect.

Yarns - DHG tapes - Viareggio

The jumper has been made using Stromboli whereas the cardigan with Sailorman. As always, the patterns are free and definitely worth trying!

Happy knitting!