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DHG Textile Tours


DHG Textile tours: they started from here

What I love most about Textile tours are the connections I develop with people.

These people are often women living mere kilometers away from me, speaking different languages and having a different culture. Some are  younger and others, older. Enthusiastic and curious women, including mothers and career women wish to be connected to me and us.

These connections are elevating; they give me comfort from the exertion and from some disappointments: they push me to do better. They cancel the distance and put me in touch with the whole world where I feel very much at home. In every continent, I find a friendly face and a welcome waiting for me. And here too, friends are very welcome!

It’s not only a job.
I love to spend my time with them and show them our city and out textile district, create new projects while sharing a good glass of wine.
And this is a combination of causes that gradually gave life to what I love to call the DHG Textile Tours.
In the beginning it was a simple day to visit our Company and to talk about work. Now it is more often 2/3 days, during which the Company opens and allows you to discover it.
It is possible to experience the materials working side by side with Paola and Donatella, busy preparing orders. Somebody asked me to show them the production facilities in order to understand how our products are made; somebody else looks for a Virgil to find new processes, products, and treatments.

Prato is famous worldwide for over a century for the production of regenerated wool (wool obtained from the recycling of clothes) and for collecting used clothes and accessories. Long before recycling and “vintage” became fashionable, this work had already become an art here. Unfortunately it was not a valued art, but very hard to work on because it gets dusty and one is almost ashamed of it.

Things have changed in recent years and more and more designers and stylists from all over the world love to “get lost” in the piles of clothes and accessories waiting for the skilled hands that can give them a new life.
Liesbeth and I (together with Daniel and François - Liesbeth's husband) snuck into a couple of these companies, looking for inspiration and for some treasure. Being in front of those colors and fantasies caused many ideas came to our minds. We were like two modern Alices in Wonderland. It is hard to tell it with words. I would like to thank Liesbeth for the enthusiasm and the complicity, and for bringing his works. I love her! Maybe it’s because, like me, she connects worlds every day...

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