Discover who is behind The Creative Fiber

Anne Prédeau is a French fibre artist and is also the woman behind The Creative Fiber, which is an artisan workshop where furnishing accessories are created, especially wall hangings, made using techniques such as: weaving, embroidery, and needle punch. 

Anne is an easy-going person, calm, very sensitive and like all artists also a bit messy. After acquiring her degree in Communication Sciences, she decided to spend an entire summer in London to improve her English. In London she ended up finding a job that allowed her to rent an apartment, as a result she stayed in the English capital for 3 years. She fell in love with the city, and it was there that her creative journey began. From when she was young, she had shown that she had a fanciful character, but it was the London environment that allowed her creative vein to show. There is a funny anecdote that Anne loves to tell regarding the beginning of her career as a fibre artist, and that is when she showed her wall hanging to her father for the first time and he asked her if it was a skirt! Anne thought her art was clearly misunderstood.

Anne now lives in Rochelle, France. A place that she frequented as a child during her summer holidays. She worked for a while as a shop manager and then decided to start the adventure of The Creative Fiber giving herself the possibility of making it her primary career.

As of now, Anne creates gorgeous wall hangings that embellish many homes around the world, and she also organizes courses.

The Creative Fiber has made a pair of textile headbands for us that are, as a colour scheme, very different from each other, but stylistically the same. They are truly beautiful. Textured, perfectly balanced and that remind us of afternoons spent at the amusement park eating cotton candy.

For these two pieces she selected the following 3 materials: extra fine merino tops, Piuma yarn, and cotton tape.

And now let's get to know Anne a little better with an interview.

3 mm Macramé string - The Classic Collection
Natural White
500 g € 14,62
Extra Fine Merino Wool Tops (Sliver) - Sugar Candies Collection
Maya Chocolate
100 g € 6,28
500 g € 27,46
1 kg € 52,30
5 kg € 252,23
10 kg € 487,46
Sailorman - 100 g
1 pc. € 6,98
Piuma - 100 g - The Classics Collection
1 pc. € 8,50

Let's find out who Anne Prédeau is

When and why you decided to become a fibre artist?
I officially completed my first weaving art piece in 2017. I made it for myself but after posting it on social media, I saw there was a lot of interest from people who wanted to buy it. consequently, I sold my first piece and sent it to Australia! I never really took it too seriously until last year, as I was already occupied with a full-time job. I have only considered myself as a fibre artist for few months and saying that I from time to time I feel as my work isn't legitimate, but I suspect many small business owners are feeling the same way, right? Also conducting workshops has helped me to develop my self-confidence as a fibre artist. People put their trust in you and it’s always an amazing moment to share this with them. I give them techniques and they give me back inspiration.

The material you love to work with the most?
Whether I am weaving, punch needling or embroidering I don’t really have one favourite, as I like when materials are mixed between colours and textures. But if I had to choose one for a base I will definitely go for a soft natural cotton rope.

Do you think that the country where you were born has influenced your relationship with fibre art or art in general?
When I was living in London, I fell in love with the way of life, the fashion influence and the radiance of this city and I am sure this was a factor in helping me express my art. Now that I am back in France, it’s a different relationship, but just as good as it was. I just feel my art and also myself are both a bit more mature.

The place in your city where you are most connected, Rochelle?
The sea! I love to walk along the coast during summer and winter. The landscape is different every day and it’s really a place which fills my body, my soul and therefore, my art. Also the coffee shop « Palem Café » is my comfy place when I have administrative work to be done. Good coffee, inspiring space, and people around. The perfect mix for a Monday morning routine!

The food that makes you happist?
Even if I am French, tiramisu is my favourite! I could have it morning, lunch and dinner! Seems normal for a coffee addict like me!

Your personal golden hour?
I particularly appreciate the end of workshop when people are feeling happy going away with their own creation they have made. It makes me feel happy too.

Source of inspiration?
I am not sure that I have just one source of inspiration. Obviously, I peruse through social media, but I am finding it less and less useful. It’s even more a killer as you are always comparing yourself to its content. This is my « things list » to open my mind and welcomed inspiration: Morning light / hot coconut latte (my fav) / tidy desk / fibres filed by colours / my phone to take pictures of fibre combinations and then this is all about visualisation. I am pretty good at that, and this is my way, while others might draw or write, I visualise and then start.

Did you have a fibre art mentor?
The first artist I started to follow was Elsie from @reformfibers, she is so inspiring! And I also love the way she is teaching her girls about creativity. She is the kind of person who gives you life goals and business ambition. Also Ariane from @blanc_laine is a woman I have followed from my early beginnings in the craft sector. I love her soft and cosy world.

The book that is a must have for a fibre artist?
“Weave this” from the London loom! It’s inspiring, colourful and easy to start! And it’s also the first book I got about fibres, so this one is special for me.

Next projects?
Well, as an artist I always have a lot of creative ideas running around in my mind! But my main project will be to work on my first punch needle kit for 2022! This will be a really cool thing! Also, I would like to explore new creations by mixing paint and fibre. Two different artistic worlds in the same project. Yes, I forgot to tell you but I love painting with watercolours when I have some free time. It’s my way to have a break from my work/passion. And a bit more deeply, I am convinced that art and craft can help people to feel better inside and outside. I would love to set up an association to help people who are in need and to bring joy to them.

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