How to make the Casablanca Pocket, a crochet clutch

Molla Mills has made a fabulous crochet clutch for us, the Casablanca Pocket. Here you can get the free pattern and the instructions on how to make it yourselves. Obviously, you can choose not to use the colours that Molla Mills used. That’s why we offer you a wide selection of the colours of our 50% cotton and 50% linen yarn, Cleopatra.

The inspiration comes from the beautiful handmade Moroccan style rugs. Molla once met a Moroccan man who told her about the making of process of these rugs, how the finished rugs are left under the burning sun so the colors would fade. Only after that, the rugs are taken to a craft market. The color palette in DHG Cleopatra reminded her of the fading process, the colors are so beautiful and harmonic.

Tutorial: how to make a crochet clutch

Cleopatra col. Citron, Lace, Sand e Purple 100 g / 3.5 oz each colors
Hook 2 mm
Metal zipper (open end) 30 cm
Cotton ribbon 70 cm
Leather handle

Clover Hooks - 3.5-6 mm
3.50 mm
1 pc. € 9,64
Cleopatra - 100 g - The Classics Collection
1 pc. € 12,17
Cleopatra - 100 g - The Classics Collection
1 pc. € 12,17
Cleopatra - 100 g - The Classics Collection
1 pc. € 12,17

26 sc x 14 rows / 10 cm x 10 cm

Wide 30 cm, height 25 cm

ch chain
st(s) stitch(es)
sc single crochet

Work the pocket in back and forth with four-color tapestry technique in single crochet (sc) stitches. In four-color tapestry crochet always change the color of the yarn in the last yarn over of the stitch (st). Carry the other yarns inside the stitiche throughout the work. When working in back and forth, always leave the carry-on yarns one s titch from the end in each row. Make sure yarn loops are all in the back side of the work.

Row 1: Chain 76 sts with purple yarn to begin, work the first sc in the second chain from the hook. Carry the other yarns in the work, work 2 sc, change to sand color yarn in the last yarn over. Work 10 sc and change to citron color yarn. Work 11 sc, change to purple yarn, work 3 sc. Change to sand color yarn and work 10 sc. Follow the pattern from the chart, the pattern repeat is 24 sc.

Pattern for a crochet clutch

Row 2: Chain 1 to start every round, follow the pattern from the chart. When changing the color of the yarn pull the carry-on yarns lightly, this prevents yarn loops to show on the right side of the work.

Row 3 - 56: Follow the pattern from the chart.

Crochet clutch tutorial

Cut yarns and weave in ends. Work another similar piece.

Stitching up and finishing off

Place the pieces together right sides out, sew a zipper on top of the pocket. Sew a cotton ribbon inside the pocket to cover the zipper seams. Th en stitch the three sides together by hand. Attach the handle.

If you liked the clutch by Molla Mills then we recommend reading how to make a crochet bag, Kaakeli tote bag. A project created once again by Molla Mills. A bag which is perfect for the summer with soft colours and a geometric pattern inspired by a Moroccan tile.