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Jenny Pepper

from Annalisa Chelli - 24/09/2015

Annalisa Chelli

Jenny Pepper is an English felt-maker. As it is often the case with artists, ever since she was a child she was surrounded by creative activities that encourage her to explore reality with curiosity. When she became an adult, she enrolled at the Art& Design College in York. In 1996 she discovered the felting technique and completely fell in love with it.

Jenny uses a number of techniques to shape her works. She is completely immersed in the place where she lives, along the coast of North Yorkshire, and her work is deeply connected with the North Sea. The ocean, the beach, cuttlebones, coral, seashells, and all the found material that coming from the belly of the sea become a part of er work.

For the DHG Charity Project, Jenny has realized a mini collection that saw light after her walks on the water's edge. These works witness the incessant change within the sea world but also within human being. Rock Pod, Coral Pod and Sea Pod are here waiting for you.

Jenny's works are also part of the DHG for Meyer initiative. They will be on sale for charity and the proceeds will be donated to Meyer children hospital in Florence. You can find the artist's works for sale on dhgshop.

To find out more about Jenny Pepper, read her interview on our blog.