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from Annalisa Chelli - 04/11/2022

Annalisa Chelli

Here at DHG we are one big family. This family is made up of those who work here, but above all of those who shop with us every day, such as our resellers, with whom we are always happy to collaborate with to find the most suitable solutions, and the most interesting ideas. Each reseller offers us invaluable assistance and part of our success is achieved through their dedication. For this reason we have decided to give a platform to our resellers; to share with us a little bit about themselves in this dedicated area. Today, we hand you over to Plstenie.

Olga Dzurova, founder, Ilanovo, SL

My name is Olga Dzurova.

I live in a beautiful mountainous region in the northern part of Slovakia. 

For the last 12 years, I have been running a small e-shop with wool and accessories for felting amongst other textile craft techniques, where I offer a wide variety of materials and particular tools, that felt lovers need for their creative work.

How and why did you start this business?
I fell in love with felting when I attended a course with an Estonian artist 25 years ago. My felting adventure then started with this hat.

We worked with really rough domestic wool from our mountain sheep. After working on it all day the hat was finally finished. This achievement came at a cost, though, as the skin on my hands was red raw and very painful. I started wondering whether felting was the right technique for me.

Later on, I found out that felting with the appropriate material and fine wool can be very interesting and creative in many ways. So, I started felting by  myself. At that time, however, I had no idea where to source the right fine wool, even though there was an abundance of natural unprocessed wool in my area.

I tried to do the entire wool processing myself. So, I cleaned it, washed it, combed it and dyed it. It was a long, laborious process and the end of the day I still wasn't happy with the final results.

So, I began thinking about buying the finished product directly, however, I didn´t know of any shops in my country where this specific wool was sold. Gradually I found some shops abroad and started buying from them.

Due to shipping costs and foreign currency exchange at that time, I would order larger quantities than I actually needed. So, I started to resell the excess wool that I didn´t use.

That was the main reason I set up an online store ( in 2009, where I sell the wool and accessories for felting and other textile creative techniques.

Why did you choose to be a DHG reseller?
Later, I discoverd wool from various European suppliers. All sorts of materials with particular quality and thickness applicable for different felting techniques and projects. It has been a way of learning and exploring. Every supplier has its own shades and colors.

One day a friend of mine came and showed me some wool tops from the company DHG, which at that time, I didn´t know anything about. She said, that she liked the company, because of their nice powdered colours. I was a fan of bright colors, therefore this gentle powdered colour wasn´t that appealing to me in particular. I asked my son, who happened to be around, which colour would he pick. He said, that he would chose the DHG colors. So, I started ordering from DHG too.

I´m highly satisfied with DHG products. The company offers a wide range of colours, different thickness of wool, all with excellent service.

How do you build trustworthy relationships with your customers?
The fact, that I do different felting techniques myself, motivates me to follow recent trends. This gives me an advantage in selecting specific materials for various techniques.

For example: I make bags – I order wool tops. Customers, who make animals ask for a natural carded wood. Also, after having learned arttex – wool painting I found out that colourful carded wool is the perfect material for it. Clothing production requires 18. mic. Extra-fine merino wool. When making a delicate necklace I need really extra fine 16 mic. wool and prefelt.

Different projects require different materials. That´s the reason why my orders reflect my customers needs.

The last unusual and surprising order was some viscose for an animal fur.

I´m very happy, when my customer´s demands and needs are fulfilled to the maximum.

Do you like the craft world, why?
There are more and more customers these days asking for a guidance on approaches and techniques for how to make a bag, a felted scarf or a flower. The best way of introducing these techniques to them are the felting courses. At the beginning I started with “one on one/face to face” courses and later on with a group courses. Last year I decided to do online courses, not only because of specific Covid situation, but also because it is more flexible and time and money efficient.

This year I am preparing 3 on-line courses for those, who want to try something new.

I also take on-line courses myself in order to stay up-to-date and informed. This year I got to know two Hungarian feltmakers, who helped me to make really fine necklaces, which I love.

What sets you apart from other resellers?
I am keen on working with wool and I hope my business will grow in the future. Likewise, I would like to sustain a balance between my business and other hobbies like skiing, hiking, traveling and discovering new places. For me: Felting is a game.