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Romantic Style T-shirt: Refashioned with tulle

from Annalisa Chelli - 11/09/2019

#Silk tulle

Annalisa Chelli

This Romantic style t-shirt is a refashion project by République Fabrique, a young and buzzing sewing design studio in Brescia, who we’ve established a fun and ongoing collaboration with.

The Romantic style t-shirt is the perfect project for getting the most out of an old t-shirt and may be interesting for those new to sewing as it’s simple but the results are amazing. What’s more it’s prettied up with a material that all girls love from a young age: tulle.

It’ll take approximately 20 minutes to make the Romantic style T-shirt. Let’s get started!

Silk tulle col. Overseas blue 1 metre
1 old t-shirt
Household sewing machine
Tape measure

refashion project

How to make the Romantic Style T-shirt

Fold over the tulle and cut out 2 115x65cm rectangles. Do a running stitch using a tacking needle to bunch up the fabric of each rectangle along all the long side.

tutorial silk tulle

After spreading out the pinch pleats evenly on both the rectangles, attach them to the inside of the top, holding them in place with pins so that there’s one at the back and one at the front.

Silk Tulle t-shirt

Doing this will automatically create two slits on the side, making the top fit more comfortably and a lot more striking.

romantic style t-shirt

Once stapled, go on tacking and sewing using the machine, to avoid having too many overlapping topstitches, stay right on seam of the hem of your top.

Lastly, unleash your creativity: even out the bottom, using a pair of scissors, or you can cut it to create a frayed or asymmetrical effect and make your new Romantic T-shirt even more special! We love it and then giving clothes new life is a good way, of not only avoiding wasting money, but also protecting the environment.

Silk tulle t-shirt
diy t-shirt with silk tulle
Refashion project romantic silk tulle t-shirt

The section on refashion by République Fabrique continues. There’s a tutorial that teaches you how to make a contemporary tulle tutu to attach onto a sheath dress in store for you! This one is a simple project too but gives you great satisfaction when it comes to the look!