Tutorial: how to make a super summery net bag

The third and last piece of the summer capsule collection made with our cool pure cotton Lincoln yarn is an oversized net bag! Spacious and light, it’s the must have beach accessory. We chose to do it in green that reminds us of that military one, as in our opinion it’s a colour that goes with almost anything but Lincoln comes in a such a wide variety of colours that you'll be spoilt for choice.

Modelling yet again is the bubbly Giulia and what you can see in the background is still Monterosso, in Cinque Terre but this time in the old town. The sandals of course are Lanapo’s, whose shop we can also see here.

Here we go. The tutorial is ready and waiting!

Tutorial: How to make a crochet net bag

Lincoln yarn col. Moss 340 g / 12 oz
6mm chiffon silk 150x140cm col. Moss
Crochet hook4 EU / G/6 US
Sewing thread
2 stitch markers

Clover Hooks - 3.5-6 mm
5.00 mm
1 pc. € 9,64
Lincoln - 100 g - The Classics Collection
1 pc. € 10,25
Lincoln - 100 g - The Classics Collection
1 pc. € 10,25
140 cm wide Silk Chiffon 6 - The Classics Collection
1 m € 22,95
2 m € 44,98
5 m € 108,94

Mesh stitch: base as the chart; body of the bag: triple crochet 1 and 3 chains

For the base follow the chart, then proceed working 3 chains instead of 2 for each arch. Work another 17 rounds and finish off with a round of single crochet.

How to make a net bag: the straps

With the stitch markers mark the sides of the bag and count 5 arches in and at the 6th start working the straps.
Single crochet 7 x 82 rounds.
Sew the handle 5 arches in from the stitch marker.
Cut the double-edged chiffon silk 62x60.
Sew the sides of the lining.
Hem the top part and put the lining insidethe bag.

So, with this oversized net bag the Lincoln themed capsule collection is complete.