Tutorial: how to make a scarf using the fantasy stitch

The recent bitterly cold weather could only lead to one thing... a project for a cosy, soft and most of all super warm scarf. With our mixed baby alpaca wool Col.†Sparkleyou'll certainly keep warm in this cold weather! As if the Sparkle wasnít enough, itís even one of our most glamourous yarns with its gold detail (or silver depending on the colour you choose) that makes it really elegant and perfect to wear even with party outfits.

As youíll find out, the project is also quite quick to do. So youíll have it completed in no time and be ready to show off this beautiful scarf to see in 2018!

Sparkle yarncol. Art DecÚ 230 g / 8.1 oz
Needle nį 15 EU / 19 US

Sierra - 100 g
1 pc. € 12,97
Sparkle - 100 g
1 pc. € 11,98
Sparkle - 100 g
Art DecÚ
1 pc. € 11,98
Sierra - 100 g
1 pc. € 12,97

Fantasy Stitch

SIZE OF THE SCARF: 160 cmx 30 cm / 63" x 11.8"

How to make a scarf using the fantasy stitch

Cast on 21 stitches.
row 1: *knit 1, yarn over, slip stitch *, repeat from * to * for all the row.
row 2: *knit 1, decrease 2 back of stitch*, repeat from * to * for all the row.
Alternate rows 1 and 2 for a total of 152 rows.

All thatís left now is to apply the fringes.
Cut 8 pieces of 40 cm /15.7" yarn and tie them to both ends of the scarf evenly (every 3 stitches) thus creating 20 cm / 7.9" long fringes.

So, are you happy with the outcome? If you fancy knitting some more why not complete the look with a†beanie?