Complete Sample Box


A box of chocolates... for refined palates only!
A MUST-HAVE for everyone who loves to see things with their own eyes before buying.
The Sample Box combines all the DHG fibers in raw shades.

Whoever buys this item will receive a coupon for the same amount, which can be used for future orders. Once we receive the order and the relative payment, you will receive an email with the instructions to use the coupon. (This promotion is not valid for DHG Resellers)
This product cannot be exchanged or returned.

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Complete Sample Box

17,94 € /pc VAT included
Sample Box 1
Sample Box 2

Sample Pack

1,03 € /pc VAT included
14.5 micron Merino Wool Tops
16 micron Merino Wool Tops
70% Extrafine Wool 30% Silk Tops
70%Maori 30%Bergschaf Carded Wool
A1 Grade Mulberry Silk Laps
A1 Grade Mulberry Silk Tops
Baby Alpaca Tops
Blue Faced Leicester Wool Tops
Camel Tops - Natural Brown
Camel Tops - Natural White
Carded Bergschaf Wool
Carded Bergschaf Wool - Brown
Carded Bergschaf Wool - Natural Grey
Carded Extrafine Merino Wool
Carded Maori Wool
Cashmere Tops - Natural Brown
Cashmere Tops - Natural Grey
Cashmere Tops - Natural White
Cotton Tops
Extrafine Merino Wool Tops
Hemp Tops
Linen Tops
Linen Tops - Natural Brown
Mohair Wool Tops
Padding Fiber
Ramie Tops
Sari Silk Waste
Silk Cocoons
Silk Hankies
Superfine Alpaca Tops - Dark Brown
Superfine Alpaca Tops - Light Brown
Superfine Alpaca Tops - Very Dark Brown
Tops Yak - Light Brown
Tussah Silk Tops
Viscose Tops
Wool Nepps
Yak Tops - Dark Brown