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On the contrary, our dyeinghouse will be closed until August 26, so Mixology and the Color Lab productions will resume from the end of the month.

Jungle - 100 g

Composition: 26% Alpaca – 22% Polyamide - 34% Acrylic – 12% Merino Wool
Length: about 220 metres for 100 g / 240 yards for 3.5 oz

Jungle is bright colours and bold contrasts. It is the perfect combination of alpaca, wool and a pinch of polyamide that is needed to have a light and ample yarn.

Why is it in the DHG REHAB selection? When we came across Jungle it was an abandoned yarn in a corner of the warehouse. He was crying out for a second chance, and we could not help but oblige him. Rehab was born to give new life to forgotten treasures!