Alpaca yarns made by DHG

Each new product is like a new journey, it has us setting off for unknown destinations with butterflies in our stomach due to the excitement but also for the bewilderment. Can we do it? Will we do it well? Even for the DHG yarns launch the feelings are the same. The world of yarns is limitless, complex and for us unknown. However we had so many requests that we decided to pluck up the courage and start.

And so with great pleasure I am pleased to present you our new arrivals that are now available online, 4 precious Alpaca yarns 100% made in Italy. To celebrate and present them with great dignity we have asked VeryCris for help, who has created some projects that I'm certain that you'll want to try straight away.

Sierra - 100 g
Black Cherry
1 pc. € 22,39
Cyrcus - 100 g
1 pc. € 6,09
€ 12,18
Cyrcus - 100 g
1 pc. € 6,09
€ 12,18

Alpaca yarns DHG... that's Amore!

Imagine a mild day at the beginning of autumn, a couple in love and a day out. It could be a scene from a romantic comedy where as it's the story we've created to tell you all about our new alpaca yarns.

Maxi shawls for him, but also for her!

Part maxi shawl and part blanket this item has been created with our Sierra yarns. So soft and fluffy you won't be able to resist. It doesn't matter if you aren't a picnic or nature lover it's also perfect for grey afternoons on the sofa.

Here the pattern for the maxi shawls.

An evergreen: a Pom Pom hat

It may be that we have a Pom Pom obsession but we just couldn't help ourselves, winter would not be the same without a Pom Pom hat. Especially one created by VeryCris with our alpaca Cyprus, sparkle and Sierra yarns. Apart from beautiful it's so warm, perfect to face the cold weather both keeping warm and stylish.

Here the pattern for the Pom Pom hat.

A cardigan which is impossible not to love!

Made with double cycrus yarn this cardigan is a poem of colours! Elegant and faint shades that you'll just love and never get tired of. A must-have item in your wardrobe for this winter and all the winters to come.

Here the pattern for the cardigan.

An oversize keffiyeh

And finally an oversized keffiyeh made with our vintage mix of cotton and alpaca which makes this an item adapt to all seasons and absolutely unisex!

Here the pattern for an oversized keffiyeh.

You'll find all the tutorials here, have a good trip!

With love, DHG.