An animal-friendly fur? All you need is a nice wool yarn

My warm, soft, fluffy wool fur is dedicated to all those women with a green soul. In creating it, I thought about all those women who want to be fashionable but still refuse to wear a garment, no matter how beautiful, when many helpless animals are killed to make it.


This fur is in fact 200% animal-friendly: not only is it made out of wool, but out of the many yarn options I had, I chose the DHG Plume Yarn in the color Dark (for the tutorials in this article, I have used the natural white version instead), a material which is itself super animal-friendly because it is made with no-mulesing certified extrafine merino wool top.

Believe me, I could not have made a better choice, even from a technical point of view. Indeed, using a luxurious, light and soft yarn perfectly matches my idea of fur and offers infinite possibilities. I am already planning on making many different styles for my customers. Each style will definitely have a enormous potential to become a superstar, an elegant and fun item.
But now, let's talk about the model that I have decided to present to you.

My animal-friendly poncho made with Plume Yarn


A poncho is an article of clothing I particularly like. It's fun, versatile, romantic and mysterious at the same time. It is big but light. You will never want to take it off!

Do you want to make it? Follow me step by step... It's going to be a lot of fun!

Creating the front and back of the poncho

Create a crochet chain of 70 stitches with our Feather yarn.

At this point, move the stitches onto a size 8 needle and the first row in stockinette stitch. For the second row, use a size 10 needle and continue in stockinette stitch for 42 rows.

On the 43rd row, start your decreases in the center of your work (starting from the front side). Knit two together, twice, in the center of your work and also decrease one stitch at the edge of each side. Continue decreases until row 63.

Take a look at the videos at the bottom of the page for suggestions on how to perfectly finish your piece. They will be helpful during these steps as well.

Now we move onto the collars.

Front Collar: on row 53, bind off the 10 stitches in the center. On the next row bid off 6 stitches on each side. On the row after, bind off 4 stitches on each side, forming the front collar.

Back Collar: repeat the same steps as for the front collar, starting from row 59.

The fringe

Now, being constructing the front of the poncho, starting with the fringe to give it the look of fur.

Just a little more patience. You are almost finished and all you have left to do is made the neck by picking up the stitches as shown in the video here below. Work in 1x1 ribbing using circular needles, working 20 rows in the round.

Here is the finished poncho. Ready to be worn.




In the video below, you will find some suggestions that will help you finish your piece as well as possible:

  • the crochet chain cast on will allow you to create the right size from the beginning and will create an edge that won't curl
  • always knit you last stitch and slip your first stitch to create an edge that will be easy to sew

Ciao and see you next time! - Cris

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VideoMaker Agnese Morganti/lemissmatch

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