The chimneys of Prato

from Annalisa Chelli - 15/01/2015

Annalisa Chelli

Prato is located in Tuscany. Populated since Etruscan time, this territory becomes a real city in the X century when two contiguous but distinct villages united. During the Middle Ages Prato has mainly organized and developed thanks to textile production which still represents the foundation of our district’s economy. Decisive factors of this economic growth were the presence of Bisenzio river, many high-spirited and capable entrepreneurs, a skilled working class proud of being part of the process. This extraordinary expansion reached very high peaks during the Nineteenth Century and our town was compared to Manchester, symbol of the Industrial Revolution in England. Since that moment Prato is inextricably linked to the european industrial and manufacturing History.

A short but necessary preamble to make you understand what beats in each of our chest and to reach the core of today article: our chimney.

This architectural construction has fallen into disuse several years ago and it’s now part of the industrial archeology of our district. These huge fireplaces dotted Prato during the last century and their fumes released under cloudy or sunny skies were a symbol of industriousness and prosperity. They reassured people. Each time we see a chimney our minds go to our childhood, when fathers came home late from work after a day spent in the factory and they talked about their daytime. I am sure that for many Prato citizens the return to the city from a trip happens when a chimney is on their personal horizon. Our chimney is for DHG team an elegant and wise Lady who protects and guides us towards a modern Future without forgetting a solid Past made of hard work and considerable achievements. A Past to be honored.

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