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Trimmings and artistic yarns: obviously Made in Prato

Trimmings: a new, extraordinary love!

For me, today is a date to mark on the calendar. A day that I hope in ten years I can look back to as one that made a big difference. 


You’re probably wondering what I am so enthusiastic about. Well, starting today on our website you can find our collection of trimmings, ribbons and crazy yarns. I realize that it is a small collection, but I have high expectations for these new arrival, like a mother would for her children.

DHG Trimmings

As usual, everything starts from our, everything begin with our merino wool. Our first, big love. With that fiber, we have realized our Plume Yarn which in turn, like a chameleon, unexpectedly became a fringe, an elastic band, a ribbon, an unconventional yarn. All of this is proudly made in Prato, using artisanal techniques dating back to our authentic, genuine textile tradition. All of them were reinterpreted by VeryCris.

May I introduce them to you?

TEMPORARY - ´Pin Up Style´ Woollen Stretch Band - 1 m
Natural White
1 m € 2,45
€ 3,51
TEMPORARY - ´Febbre da Tricot´ Woollen Fringe - 1 m
Natural White
1 m € 2,74
€ 3,91
´Tres Chic´ Woollen Ribbon - 1 m
Natural White
1 m € 3,45
TEMPORARY - 500 g ´Mr. BIG´ Woollen Tube
1 pc. € 29,59
€ 42,28

"Febbre da Tricot" wool fringe

A soft, warm fringe designed to give that extra touch to your imaginative creations. Of course, it’s ideal to hem scarves, but why not use them for ponchos, for blankets, or, like our dear Cristina did, to make a truly unique skirt with an unusual texture?



"Pin Up Style" elastic band and "Très Chic" wool ribbon

This elastic band is one of our favorite items. It has a simple, sober and clean line, but it hides a rock and roll soul, and can be used in a number of different ways: to realize whole textures or just for details; for an article of clothing, as an accessory or for original pieces of furniture. One blog post is not enough to describe it! For now, while you’re waiting for the next episodes, I am presenting it to you in the form of a gorgeous neckband, made by Cristina by combining it with the Très Chic woolen ribbon, which is also made with strictly artisanal, ancient techniques.



Both of these products, when seen from up close, reveal the skillful work of the hands that gave them life and a unique character. A soul. Like the band, this ribbon can be used in a thousand different ways, even in non-standard ways. For example, I used it to make a bracelet: I cut a buttonhole, I sewed on a button I got from my grandma, and I put it on!

Finally, there are two more products which are not actually trimmings. In fact, they are yarns. Artistic yarns, as I call them. They are our artistic yarns.

"Maxi" cord rope yarn and "Mr. Big" tubular yarn

Just like the trimmings we just presented to you, also these two new arrivals are made with artisanal techniques, in which every inch requires a lot of attention to the smallest detail. I see them as little works of art, and I am extremely proud that from now on they are going to be available for our clients. They can obviously be used with traditional techniques (with knitting irons or macramè, as you can see in VeryCris’s projects that we are presenting today), but also in any which way your imagination may suggest. They are so beautiful that even those of you who, like me, are not particularly skilled can obtain amazing results. For example, take a look at the inventive cowl Cristina made. 0% technique. 100% creativity.

trimmings trimmings


I hope you love this new collection as much as I do.

Until next time!


Designed and created by VeryCris

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