Wool etamine and oversized yarn: my oversize sweater

Etamine, ideal for fashion experimentation

Sweaters are naturally versatile, and therefore often become a good way to experiment and express one’s creativity. When a sweater is handmade it adds a unique, authentic quality, so much so that this type of garment always has a prominent role in fashion collections, and knit dresses are still one the most fashionable items.


So, with my avant-garde reinterpretation of a classic “sweater dress”, I tried to combine tradition with the latest trend.

Thanks to the very soft, light DHG wool etamine I was able to create a sheer effect, and then I added some three-dimensional decoration, which I created by weaving a giant yet light yarn, our gorgeous Giant Yarn, with the innovative tubular yarn "Mr. Big". The result was a feminine and fun item which reflects the glamourous mindset of today’s woman. Surprising weaves, easy to make and to personalize… Follow me, I want to teach you how to make it!
Extra Fine Merino Wool Tops (Sliver) - Raw Colors
Natural White
100 g € 4,86
500 g € 21,26
1 kg € 40,50
5 kg € 195,43
10 kg € 378,71
145 cm wide Wool Etamine - Raw Colors
Raw White
1 m € 30,97
2 m € 60,71
5 m € 148,67
145 cm wide Wool Etamine
1 m € 33,15
2 m € 64,98
5 m € 159,12
145 cm wide Wool Etamine
1 m € 33,15
2 m € 64,98
5 m € 159,12

My woolen oversize sweater


Cut the wool etamine following the paper sewing pattern (size M) below. This will be the base for your sweater dress.


Then, use your fingers to braid the Giant Yarn (like in the video below), keeping in mind that the braid is going to have to be a little bit longer than the garment itself.

You can use as many threads as you like, and let your imagination guide you, creating as many decorations as you want. For the middle braid, I used two paired threads of Giant yarn, while for the side braids I only used one. Anyway, you are going to need a total of 2 big braids in the center (one for the front, one for the back) and 6 thinner braids (2 for the front, 2 for the back and 1 for each sleeve).
Once all of the pieces are ready, sew them onto the woolen fabric, fastening them with some pins first, then stitching them from the inside.

Then, take the Maxi woolen tubular yarn, and create the patterns you like, feeding the yarn through the loops in the braids. Once your decoration is finished, stitch it to the fabric from the inside.

At this point, you have all the embroidered parts and you only need to put them together. Always start by sewing at the shoulders, and then the sleeves, keeping them stretched out.

We are nearly done. You still need to make the frills, the cuffs and the collar, for which you are going to use no. 9 knitting needles and the double thread wool Plume yarn.
Bottom ribbing: cast on 50 stitches and work for 18 rows in knit 2 purl 1 and finish with 3 rows in stockinette stitch.
Cuffs: cast on 24 stitches and work in 1x1 ribbing for 15 rows finishing with 3 roows in stockinette stitch.
Collar: cast on 55 stitches and work for 3 row in stockinette stitch then work in knit 2 purl 1 for 24 rows.
To help you, here are the videos tutorials for the rib stitch again.

And the one for the stockinette stitch that we already used for other projects.

Once you are done with these pieces, all you need to do is put them together, making sure that the frills form slits on the side.

Your woolen oversize sweater is ready! You can wear it over a sheath dress, with leggings, over dress pants… You’ll have too many options, because it looks great with anything.


Before you go, some good old grandma’s advice, as usual:

  • When you put a garment together, always sew the different parts in this order: the shoulders, the sleeves, and lastly the underarm, starting at the cuff down to the waist.
  • Always use a 3-needle stockinette stitch for the hem and the collar, because this way you’ll have a straight edge which is easier to sew.

Catch you later!


Cristina Pedrotti/VeryCris

Video Maker e Style lemissmatch

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