DHG Trimming and Wool Yarns: unconventional Uses

So, this is the last episode of this Mood - Fil Rouge (if you want to know some of the other moods, please click here: Trimmings and artistic yarns, Plume Yarn Fur, or just visit DHG’s blog and you’ll find them all!) and together with Cristina we decided to end this in style, with some unconventional projects. These projects are really for everyone, even for those who, like me, are really bad at DIY.

There were many options, and we decided to follow our instinct. If you know us, you can probably imagine how difficult it was for us at DHG to choose from the many projects Cris presented to us. Finally, we managed to make a choice and here they are. There are three, one for each of our best-selling items.

Pom-poms made with our “Plume” yarn

Can you resist pom-poms? I know I can’t!

I like them in all sizes and all materials. I like them even more when they are made with our "Filato Piuma", for which I have an almost maternal love.

Piuma - 500 g - The Classics Collection
Natural White
1 pc. € 29,27
Piuma - 500 g - Tempera Collection
Spirit of the Cyrcus
1 pc. € 29,27
TEMPORARY - 500 g ´Mr. BIG´ Woollen Tube
1 pc. € 29,59
€ 42,28

They are soft, very soft. And gorgeous, both in natural white and in our deep Dark color.You can do anything with them, but since we had to choose, we went for a trendy project: oversized necklaces and a headband one could wear to the Ascott derby!

Ta-da!!! What do you think?

If you like them and you don’t know how to make them, all you need to do is sit back and watch the video we made with Cristina. As usual, the video is 1 minute long.

"Mr. Big" Woolen tube, with LED lights: a lit rug

I find this project is truly lovely. In fact, I think it’s only going to be in our archives for a very short time before it ends up in my daughter Allegra’s bedroom. What do you think? If you want to make this, all you need is our "Mr. Big" woolen tube, ad some LED rope lights. Stick the rope lights inside the tube, arrange it into the desired shape, and stitch it in place.

A rug like this will surely make both children and grown-ups happy. Success guaranteed.

"Pin Up Style" Woolen Stretch Band: creative recycling is always a good idea

It may be because we have recently celebrated International Earth Day, or maybe just because we have a green soul, but we thought that we could not do without a recycling project.

We had an old lampshade to which we wanted to give new life, and what you see below is Cristina’s suggestion, that she made using our "Pin Up Style" woolen stretch band. What do you think? I think it looks great and and honestly it doesn’t really look like a recycling project, does it??

This was the last project for this episode. This Mood ends here. We hope you enjoyed this journey from hand spun wool to artistic trimming. More than anything, we hope to have shown you, in case you needed proof, that there is more to woolen fibers than meets the eye, and that it is always worth the effort to rediscover and preserve ancient, creative handicraft techniques. Letting your imagination run freely and letting your creative juices flow is good for you, and we are sure that the future is going to be better if we hand down our textile tradition to future generations.

Over and out.

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