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Belen Senra chooses Mr. BIG artisanal yarn for a shoulder bag

Belen Senra is an interior designer who has always been influenced by the visual appearance of the environment around her. In fact, she’s absolutely fascinated by photography, fashion and the study of living spaces and these hobbies soon turned into an actual job! Belen Senra runs the independent textile studio, Ranran Design, alone. She’s the designer, the one who creates the pieces by hand, the one who photographs them and the one who sees to the shipment of every single piece.

Belen Senra - Ranran Design

Belen Senra and her love of traditional textile techniques

Belen Senra has Spanish blood, as she was born in Spain, but has the wanderlust gene that motivates her to travel more and more and to completely lose herself in the cultures of the places she visits, or rather, she lives. That’s because Belen Senra stays in Bali a few months a year, but not as a tourist, but more as a citizen of the world. Belen is a frequent traveler who sets off with the firm intention to learn as much as she can from the people she meets. In particular, from local textile artisans – but also potters and craftsmen in general – who she learns traditional techniques from that add an authentic, unique and timeless aspect to her style. As Belen Senra brings the most ancient textile techniques and contemporary design together in perfect harmony. And in fact, her pieces already look like classics.

Belen Senra and macramé wall hangings

Wall hanging by Ranran Design - handmade textile technique

Her wall art has a strong connection to the tropical environment and her numerous trips to places where handicraft is still very much widespread and where low environmental impact is the norm. Perfect for any space, they’re ideal as timeless, elegant pieces above a headboard.

Belen Senra Spanish textile designer  - wool wall hangings

A shoulder bag with Mr. BIG

Her interior design works are mostly wall hangings made using the macramé technique, but here, we’re going to see a knitted shoulder bag that Belen has knitted up using our Mr. BIG in the color Natural White and Jumbo knitting needles. The idea behind this soft and small shoulder bag was to create a bag, that’s not only easy to use, but also easy to make with a chunky yarn and suitable for winter and much more. As a matter of fact, the shoulder bag with Mr. BIG would be perfect against the backdrop of a luxuriant and warm Bali.

A shoulder bag with Mr. Big

Belen Senra makes a shoulder bag with Mister Big

Belen Senra is a really unique textile artist. Open minded, a curiosity for learning new things, a creative talent in various disciplines and will gladly spend her time travelling the world in the company of the locals. What more could you want from a designer?

This is just the beginning of our collaboration with Belen. Keep checking in and you’ll soon find out what the second project is.

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