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Trini Guzmān makes a cushion using our Giant yarn

from Annalisa Chelli - 07/12/2018

#Giant Yarn

Annalisa Chelli

We’ve now come to the second part of our fruitful partnership with Trini Guzmān, which started out last July with two gorgeous pieces made especially for us.

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Trini Guzmān and Giant yarn for a pop cushion

This time, however, Trini has devoted herself completely to our super soft Giant yarn, making a really quirky cushion. A cushion, I like to call pop for how bright and cheery it is, a bit like an Elvis song. Being the true textile delver that she is, she chose a different style for once and putting her scepter as the Queen of bordado to one side for the moment, she took up knotting.

As soon as she got her hands on our Giant yarn and after seeing what it felt like and thinking about how to use it to get the best out of it, she straight away came up with the idea of a cushion. She didn’t want to knit or weave it, just work it as little as possible, as to leave the chunkiness and softness untouched. The Giant yarn is an incredibly doughy one and has a simple exquisiteness, if you take into account that it’s a slightly twisted pure merino wool tops. She opted for a technique close to embroidery, but less complex than the knotting one. So, she started by bending the yarn, making different sized knots to then attach them onto the fabric using a needle. The outcome? An uneven super chunky cushion where the yarn is undisputedly the main feature.

Trini Guzmān could choose from any of the colours that Giant comes in, but she preferred just one, choosing the colour. Light over all the rest. It’s a really bright yellow, which means that if the cushion is exposed to bright light it looks like it’s glowing and gathers a powerful energy for everyone to feel. Very Pop indeed!

We love it! What about you?