Weave me away - Weaving is attainable for everyone

Anne Djupvik Andersen lives in Bergen, Norway. She and her husband have just recently moved to the countryside, going back to her roots to the place where she grew up. They spent a lot of time renovating the house that her grandparents left her, which is a typical 50s style building. A large part of this house is dedicated to Anne’s small studio which is called Weave me away. A place filled with peace, where yarns, fibres and looms complement each other perfectly.

Anne opened her textile studio, Weave me away, about 5 years ago, after coming across the skillful fibre artist Marianne Moodie. She fell in love with the craft and the creative freedom this type of work has to offer. So, she taught herself the trade and started studying weaving from old books and on the internet. After that, she took part in shows and trade fairs and even wrote a book about weaving.

Weave me away favours vintage looms

She took her first steps into the weaving world by using a makeshift loom. It was a plain old frame, held together with some nails. Then, once she gained more experience, she started working with a second-hand vintage loom. Anne is convinced that in order to weave you don’t need expensive or special equipment, as long as you are creative and willing. Therefore, it's safe to say, weaving is a way for anyone to express themselves.

Weave me away has a style based on opposite ends of the spectrum: pieces with pale and soft colours, above all white, and pieces with bolder, brighter colours. Over time, she’s learnt how to use the colour palette as an indicator of her own state of mind, therefore how she’s feeling at that time is reflected in her wall hangings.

Super shiny colours have been chosen for the two pieces that Weave me away has made for us using our extra fine merino wool tops and our yarns. The wall hanging has got shades of green and pink, with a modest colour palette but loads of different contrasting materials. As a matter of fact, Anne loved putting together the wool tops with the prefelt ribbons, the chiffon silk ribbons and Piuma yarn. Instead the clutch is with tops and Piuma Colour. Honey and lovely fringes made using Charleston in the Colour. Dawn.

Charleston - 100 g
1 pc. € 9,03
€ 10,63
Chiffon 6 Silk Ribbon, 2.5 cm wide - 20 m - The Classics Collection
1 pc. € 16,99
€ 19,99
Extra Fine Merino Wool Tops (Sliver) - The Classics Collection
100 g € 6,42
500 g € 28,09
1 kg € 53,50
5 kg € 258,13
10 kg € 500,20

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