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Tammy Kanat and her textile rainbows

from Annalisa Chelli - 05/08/2018

#Quipa Yarn

Annalisa Chelli

When Tammy Kanat met our Quipa yarn

Tammy Kanat is an Australian textile artist who created jewellery for a while before coming across textile art rather unexpectedly. Whilst furnishing her house she couldn’t find anything that suited her taste and decided to make her own modern tapestry to decorate one of the rooms. It’s from that moment that Tammy Kanat's journey into the textile art world began and she hasn’t looked back since.

Tammy Kanat met our Quipa yarn

With her contemporary and impeccable taste and colours chosen to a tee, the works by Tammy Kanat catch your eye instantly. Whether they are the circular, oval or rectangle shaped ones it doesn’t matter, what really matters and what that kind of jumps out at you is the flow of harmony and their true-to-life texture.

Tammy Kanat has made one of her incredible rainbow circles, exclusively for us, which you can have the pleasure of seeing in these photos. One of the distinctive features these circles have is they have a multiple colour aspect, for example if you go up close to the work you can almost pick out the twist of every single thread Then, if you move away you can make out the most distinct colour bands, even if they’re produced by different coloured threads. Basically a small textile engineering miracle.

Left in her capable hands she turned our Quipa yarn into a reflecting magnetic mirror! We now have it as part of our private collection for us admire whenever we feel like.

Now over to the interview.

Tammy Kanat met our Quipa yarn

Your sources of inspiration?
Nature and my surroundings for shapes and colour palettes, I am also inspired  by incredible fiber artists like Sheila Hicks.

Describe your artwork in one word.

Your educational/academic path?
Studied at the Australian Tapestry Workshop and then created by own contemporary slant on traditonal weaving techniques.

What do you like doing in your spare time?
Spending time with one of my three teenage children, houseboating at lake Eildon and meditating.

A book you have on your bedside table?
Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach.

Your relationship with social networks?
Instagram is my main connection with my fellow weavers and my followers who  enjoy following my weaving journey.

Tammy Kanat met our Quipa yarn

Your favourite phase in the whole creating process of your work?
The final touches as the works are nearlly finished. The end result is always a surprise for me!

How did you find it working with our Quipa?
Beautiful high quality fiber to work with. The colours are incredible and the texture is smooth and soft in my hands.

Your tapestry has great visual impact. How important are the colours  for the end result?
I am obssessed with colour. How colours play with each other always intrigues me. Playing with colour is my happy place.

Do you follow a particular ritual while you’re working? Music, objects  or a certain type of light?
I love listening to podcasts or Ted Talks. Sometimes I put on music and other  times I just love the quiet whilst I get into the weaving rhythm. Benny by  black labradour often sits next to me whilst I weave.

Tammy Kanat met our Quipa yarn

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